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The MapMaker is included in all Timesplitter games. It is easy to use for the most part but there are still many questions about mapmaker.

TS2 Mapmaker Basics

To make a map, you need to place tiles. Tiles are the main building blocks in mapmaker. They are the areas of map the players can play on. Lighting can cause flickering, pulsing, fixed, or switching light effects at various speeds. Items include guns, ammo, start points, bags and bases, objects, keys, and more. Spawn points must be included to play any game modes. Go to the mapmaker menu. Choose "Mapmaker Settings". From here you can chose recommended bots, weapons, music, and a description of your map as well as briefing for story maps. Mapmaker memory is how much "stuff" you can place in your map. If you are having trouble with saving memory try copying tiles and items rather than making stuff from scratch. You can also place doors and windows. Go to items. Move the cursor between two tiles. It will show you what buttons to push for windows and doors. You can also lock doors(only in story mode).

TS2 Story

To create a story map worth playing use the advanced setting. Build a map leaving room for items. Add only one start point unless you want the starting point to be random. Now for enemies. To add a story enemy go to the menu screen. Go to "Map Settings". Find the section labeled "Bot Set". Choose ten bots that will be enemies in the map. Hit "Done". Exit out of menu and go to "Story Enemies". From here you can choose what the enemies will be doing and what they will have as a weapon. NOTE: Zombies, Reaper and Drone Splitters will play as in the actual story. Once you have set a enemy the way you want it hit done. Click on the little colored person. Now you can add that enemy to your map. You can also cause the story enemies to spawn in when certain task are completed, but first you must know how to use Game Logic. Game Logic is the ability to create objectives, special items, keys appear, and more. To make a "Game Logic" you must find game logic {included with light, tiles, items, and story enemies). When in the Game Logic menu go to "new logic". Choose new trigger. Look in the categories and see what you can find. Try pickup or object. Place something in your map. Make sure those little white balls are on both sides of your trigger. Now hit done. Now you are in the actions menu. Look around. Create an action such as objective or new key(You can also add more than one trigger or action to a logic). Hit done. Click somewhere in the black area. Congratulations, you just made logic! Now back to Story Enemies. Choose an enemy. Choose either "spawn and wait" or "spawn and attack". Choose triggers. Now choose a trigger that will cause that enemy to spawn in. Click done. Click done again in the story enemy part. NOTE: You do not have to make your enemies spawn in at certain times. You can also place auto turrets that fire on their own at the player. They can only be placed on the ground in TS2. Story enemies, keys, auto turrets, and game logic only works in story mode. You can not make two player story maps.

TS2 Arcade Mode

Arcade maps are simpler to make than story maps. To make a "Capture the bag" map place a red and a blue bag. You can also make red and blue spawn points. Make sure the teams can reach each other's bags. To make a "bagtag" map place the bag(green bag). Assault maps are not possible on the TS2 mapmaker. For Zones you must place at least one zone.

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