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Unlike the MapMakers in later games, the MapMaker in TimeSplitters doesn't seem to follow a pattern. Every tile is different from each other, causing for very unusual maps. There are also a few unique options in TimeSplitters' MapMaker that were taken out of later installments in the series, such as the ability to place multiple items on the same tile.

There were 5 Tilesets (Industrial, Gothic, Virtual, Alien and Spaceport) in the NTSC version of TimeSplitters.

TimeSplitters 2

Beginning in TimeSplitters 2, the MapMaker has the ability to make Story levels. Also, small rooms cost a lot of space compared to a Large Room, and spawning points cost some space.

The Gothic Tileset was originally set to appear in TimeSplitters 2, but it was removed from the game before release due to glitched tiles. However, it is possible to view the Tileset with the Action Replay for GameCube.

The code is:

  • 1XZ1-K0KJ-HMD2E

The Gothic Tileset is called "4" in the MapMaker menu.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

For the first time, it is possible to add a sky, decorations, barricades, and up to four Vehicles to your MapMaker levels. The sky's weather conditions can be adjusted for effects such as rain or snow.


The MapMaker has a limit on how much memory can be used on any one map. Once that limit has been hit, it is impossible to add any more tiles or objects unless objects already in place are deleted to make more room. In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect this can be overcome to an extent with Biohazard's Map Memory Glitch.

Unfortunately, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect's MapMaker can only include a maximum of eight bots in each player-created map.

See Mapmaker Help for help on the mapmaker.

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