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Siberia (TS2)

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Oblask Dam

Siberia is the first Story Level from TS2. Some would consider it to be the easiest one as well.



1990 Siberia - Oblask Dam

A secret research facility under a Siberian dam has unearthed preserved organic specimens which are over ten thousand years old.

Following a number of mysterious accidents, the original scientific team has left the site and a Russian military garrison has been assigned to the excavation project.

Intelligence has revealed that the military's attempts to develop biological weaponary from the finds has had dreadful results. They must not be allowed to continue this research.

Although Biohazard cleanup forces are on their way, there is an opportunity to investigate the site and destroy the samples and research records before they arrive.

The base is currently under lockdown - the perimeter guards are jumpy and the automated security has been engaged. Avoid the cameras, if necessary they can be switched off or destroyed.

Cutting off the communications uplink should buy some time to explore the base more fully.

Primary Objectives

  • Deactivate the communications dish (All)
  • Investigate the secret digging site (All)
  • Retrieve the Time Crystal (All)
  • Access the top of the dam (Normal/Hard)
  • Burn all evidence in the filing cabinets (Normal/Hard)
  • Restore power (Normal/Hard)
  • Destroy the biohazard container (All)
  • Don't allow any mutants to survive (Hard)
  • Destroy the gunship (Normal/Hard)
  • Escape through the Time Portal (All)

Secondary Objectives

  • Burn all evidence in the filing cabinets (Easy)
  • Don't allow any mutants to survive (Easy/Normal)



Used With Permission from SuperNova

Easy Strategy

You'll start off in a tunnel, so go forward and take the sniper rifle and the silenced pistol. Using your sniper, aim upwards towards the balcony and zoom in to the maximum. You should see a guard standing in front of a door, so aim at his head and pull the trigger. Now look up and right (still with the sniper rifle) and you'll see a camera. When you can see the lens, shoot it to destroy it. Now run out into the open and aim up at the balcony. There will be another guard up there shooting at you, but his accuracy is terrible so dispatch him with your sniper. Now take out your silenced pistol and look over to the fences opposite the tunnel. A guard will be standing between two huts, shooting at you, but it only takes a couple of shots to kill him.

Walk up to his body and turn left, round the big house and up some steps on the exterior. At the top will be some sniper ammo from the guy you killed. Collect it and open the door to find yourself in a small control center. Go up to the far end of the room and activate the panel to open the door to the dam, then go out of the room and right along the planks. At the end is a hole in a roof. Fall through it and collect some mines on a shelf. Exit the house, climb the steps again and throw a mine onto the roof, near the satellite. When it explodes, the satellite dish will be blown away, and one objective will be complete.

Explore the houses in this area a bit now. The one behind the big two story building contains sniper rifle ammo, and two others contain filing cabinets. In these houses open the cabinets with the activate button and throw a mine onto the cabinet. Get out of there, and soon afterwards you will be rewarded with the message "4 or 3 filing cabinets remaining". Go down by the side of the large building and go down the lower area and enter the dam.

Inside the dam there is no power, so you will not be able to take the elevator. Run up the stairs on the left, through the small corridor and up the next flight of steps. Here is steam coming out of a pipe in the wall. Crouch and go under where the steam is at its highest point and go under it then continue to ascend. Two flights of steps later is a guard, so have your pistol at the ready and pop him. He shouldn't even notice you for long enough to hurt you. Yet two more flights higher is another guard, this time with his back to you. Take out your fists and punch him in the back to knock him out then run up the final three flights of steps to reach the highest point of dam you can reach in easy mode.

Opposite where you emerge is a door with a window. Stand about two steps from it and take out your sniper rifle. Aim through the small opening and pop the guard you can see. Then enter and go left through the opening. In here is a pipe with a wheel on it. Activate the wheel to set the steam pressure at 66%. Then collect the Soviet and the armour which is on the shelf behind you. Two more guards will confront you, so use your pistol to kill them. Now make your way down the corridor, entering the next two side rooms to turn the wheel and reduce the steam pressure to 0%. Now the steam at the end of the corridor will be turned off, and you can exit on the other side. Descend the steps, and after three flights take out your pistol and kill a guard. On the next flight down is some sniper ammo, so collect that and descend the last five flights of steps, hindered by just one guard who you should punch in the back. At the bottom is a door and a switch on the right. Press it to open the door then exit the dam.

Go up the small flight of steps, then run left along the side of the building, shooting the guard up ahead on the way. Turn right and right again to see a camera which will set off the alarm. Take out your soviet and turn the next corner and shoot the guard here. Three more will soon come to you, but the automatic fire of the Soviet means that they are no threat. When they are dead, enter the building (you will get the message "time crystal located"). Go down the corridor and enter the chamber with bookcases with melons (!) on them. Behind a pillar is a guard you should kill. If you want it, there is a mini game on the bookcase on the left.

Descend the staircase at the far end of the room. At the bottom turn left and open the door on your right. Don't go through the double-doors on the left - they lead to a useless shower-room. Don't go into the room whose door you just opened - aim straight ahead and blast the guard there. Now go into the small room and look left. Open the filing cabinet and place a mine on it (two cabinets remaining) then move on. Walk right up to the top of the stairs opposite and turn left. You'll see two filing cabinets, so open them and give them a mine each to finish your secondary objective. Now descend the stairs for a checkpoint.

Walk down the second flight of steps then skirt the two large wooden panels and blast the guard you see up ahead. Turn right 90 degrees to see another. Kill him too then look back at the other guard's body to spot a third opponent. When all the enemies are dead climb the steps to the right of where you entered. Open the door and enter another small control center. Activate the switch on the far wall then shoot one of the panes of glass out and step back into the main room. You'll notice that the door opposite where you first entered is now open, so go down it.

You'll see a body on the floor. Zombie? Yup. Turn around and shoot its head off. There is armour and grenades in the room to the right and another zombie further down the corridor. Kill it and enter the third room on the right (the other's locked) to find another zombie and some ammo. Now head down to the end of the corridor to complete another objective (investigate excavation site) then walk forward and collect the time crystal on the floor (another objective off the list). There are also two zombies here, but for a person of your skills that is no problem. You'll then be told to destroy the container; to do so chuck about five mines on the glass box on the right then run away to finish your final objective. The time portal will be activated, so go back up the corridor and enter it to complete the mission.

Normal/Hard Strategy

This is one of the more difficult missions, so don't fret if you find it hard. Get the guns in front of you and turn the corner slightly so you can see the guy on the balcony. Pop him in the skull, then peep round the corner a little more. There should be a guard walking there, between two huts. Make sure he doesn't see you and kill him in the same way. Look up-left a bit and shoot the camera you see in the lens. Walk straight up to the fence opposite the tunnel and turn right. You should see a female guard straight ahead - shoot her in the head with your sniper. Head to where the second enemy you killed was and go around the corner and to the second hut. Look through the window in the doorway and use your pistol to silently dispose of the guard here (4 guards, 4 head shots!). Head back to the entrance to the compound and go right to the end of the large building. Turn the corner cautiously and shoot continuously at the guard here. You've now disposed of all enemies in the area.

Collect the sniper ammo in the far left building then, using your uplink to dodge the camera in the middle of the courtyard, enter the ground floor of the large building. Turn off the cameras with the console at the other end of the room. Now ascend the steps to the top of the building. Enter the office and activate the switch at the far end of the room. A sniper has appeared at the window of the dam. Quickly run across the boards on the roofs and drop into the locked hut. The sniper will shoot but miss if you're quick. Get the mines and enter the building where you shot a guard earlier. Open the cabinet and drop a mine onto it (1/5). Strafe diagonally between the mine hut and the one next to the large building. Go round the side and enter it. Mine the cabinet here too (2/5) and from the doorway chuck a mine onto the dish. Now leg it to the dam entrance. The sniper should have missed every time he took a shot at you.

Try to activate the lift and you'll be given a new objective. Ascend the first two flights of steps then duck to avoid the steam coming out of the wall. On the third floor up move cautiously round the corner and you'll see a guard with his side turned to you. Easy pistol head shot. Continue to the next floor with your mines at the ready and throw one onto the barrels. Run downstairs and wait for the explosion. About five seconds later go back up and a guard should be there, investigating the noise. Kill him quickly and don't get hit. The coast is now clear to the top floor so run there.

Take out your sniper and peep through the window in the door. Head shot the guard you see, turn a little then head shot the one further down the corridor. Take out your pistol and shoot away in relative safety at the guards who you see running towards you. Back away from the door if one chucks a grenade at you. When the coast is clear enter the corridor and collect all the ammo. Go into the passageway on your left and turn the wheel you come to. Also get the ammo and armour on the shelf. Repeat the wheel turning in the next two side rooms to turn the steam pressure to zero and open the way. Get out your mines and open the door ahead. Look up and very slowly creep through. Above your head is an autogun. Chuck a mine onto or near it then back up until you hear an explosion.

Descend the first floor then get your Soviet S47 ready. Stealth is no use here. Run down the next flight of steps and riddle the guard full of lead. Don't use more ammo than necessary and aim for the next set of stairs. A guard will appear any minute, so use your lightning quick reflexes to gun her down before she can do anything. It's safe for the next three floors, but after that is another guard. Shoot her quickly and kill the last trooper when he runs up to investigate. Now just run down to the ground floor and open the door.

You'll need your sniper again now. Aim for the camera above your head and shoot its lens. Turn 180 degrees and look up at the dam. There is a sniper in the window. Dodge his bullet then quickly head shot him. Get out you pistol and turn the right corner. A guard is walking away with her back turned to you. Use the opportunity wisely. Run forward and use your S47 to kill the guard round the next corner. Take out your pistol and shoot the camera above your head. With your S47 kill the last guard who comes running to you. Shoot the camera round the corner from the door then enter the building.

In the first room catch the guard unawares and another will run up some steps to greet you. Kill him too and go down to the next level. Turn the corner and blast the guard's head. Open the door on the right and chuck a mine onto the open filing cabinet (3/5). Exit the small room and run into the next, larger one. Aim up at the camera in front with your sniper rifle and de-lens it. With your S47 kill the guard around the next corner. Run into the next segment and use your mines to open and blow up the final pieces of evidence and finish the objective. Run down the stairs and you'll reach a checkpoint.

Go round the corner and shoot the white guard you see. Throw a timed mine onto the floor and run up the stairs behind you. After about five seconds lob a grenade into the room then kill the last guard when he arrives. This usually succeeds in killing all four guards with no damage to you, but if it doesn't work you'll want to develop your own strategy. Get out your mines and throw one onto each autogun on the ceiling. Run up the stairs in the wall to the control room-type place and activate the switch at the far end to open the way to the digging site.

Drop down and enter the rocky corridor. Run all the way to the end and collect the time crystal. Run back and enter the second door on the left. In this corridor you should enter the first door on the left and activate the camera console. You'll see through a gun. Shoot the guard you notice in this room then turn off the camera. Activate the two switches then go to the place where you shot the guard. Go through the doorway and look ahead down the corridor. Switch to Soviet and lob a grenade down to the doorway ahead. This should kill a guard behind the door. Run forward to the entrance to this room. Get out your sniper rifle (hopefully you have a couple of bullets left) and shoot the glass in front. You'll see a guard with his back against where the glass was. He doesn't notice it explode (idiot) so give him the head shot treatment. Run over to his body and get the disk. The room will suddenly go red and zombies will come out to attack you. They're very easy to kill - just keep backing away and lopping off their heads with your pistol. There's no excuse for getting hurt. When they're redead exit to the rocky corridor.

Follow the path back to the control room and insert the disk into the appropriate console. This reboots the system. As soon as you've done this run as fast and possible to the corridor leading to the zombie room. Get out your pistol and stand a few paces from the door. As soon as the power is on eight zombies will be released at once. Shoot their heads off as they arrive. Now exit and go into the first room from the entrance to the rocky corridor. There is a useless flamethrower and some ammo and armour on the right. If you're low on health collect it, if not save it for later. Go to the other unexplored room and you'll find some mines. Go down to the digging site, eliminate any stray zombies then get out your mines. Throw four onto the biohazard container and run back to the zombie room corridor. Soon two shock troopers appear. Use strafing techniques to take minimum damage then head back to the first room after the checkpoint.

Head for the stairs and an immolated hybrid mutant appears. Shoot his head off and head up the stairs. IMMEDIATELY gun down the trooper to avoid almost certain death by grenade then pick off any zombies you see. Round the corner towards the small cupboard room which had evidence in it is another trooper. Be quick when killing him. Head up the stairs and another mutant appears. Head off. In the final room before you head outside again is a trooper and a zombie. Use your best strafing skills and run outside. The troopers are fighting a mutant so watch the show and kill the survivors. All mutants should now be dead. If you didn't get the armour before now's the time to do so. When you're ready enter the dam.

Just inside the dam lay a trail of mines. Run forward and two zombies will start to follow you. Run back throwing mines in your wake to kill them both. Get out your pistol again and shoot the third who appears. Now activate the elevator and ride it to the very top floor, the roof of the dam. This is the very hardest part of the game; it can be frustrating dying now so be alert. Run onto the dam then turn around to see that a guard is just behind you. Mow him down and repeat the process with the guard up ahead. Get onto the mounted gun on your left and aim for the gunship. Shoot off all your missiles and then shoot away with the machinegun. Every ten seconds or so stop and shoot the two guards who assail you from either side. That done start afresh with one of the other guns. Hopefully you have enough life remaining to see the process through. When the gunship goes down dash for the portal and the level will end.


  • The run-through at the beginning of the level may be a reference to the Dam in GoldenEye.
  • The alarm near the checkpoint is another reference to GoldenEye. It looks and sounds similar to the ones in GE.
  • The first game cartridge, Anaconda, is found in any difficulty in this level, near the area where you destroy the filing cabinets in the closet.
  • The speakers can be damaged, just by firing at them. when you do, everytime the woman makes an announcement, a cacaphony is heard.
  • The Biohazard container containing a mutilated Reaper Splitter and the the roaming Hybrid Mutants are the first two connections to the Timesplitters you encounter in Story Mode.
  • The watermelons and boxes can all be destroyed, and the damaged tidbits can be kicked aside, even pushed down the stairs, where they continue rolling.
  • A shower room is present, and although it has not outward purpose at first, it can save the players life. If the player is caught on fire by the decontamination squad, the character can jump under the shower and get put out.
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