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Scrap Metal

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Scrap Metal
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section Mode Madness
Mode Vampire
Map Scrapyard
Character Female Trooper
Enemies Encountered ChassisBot
Rewards Bronze: Scrapyard
Gold: ChassisBot
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 Kills
Silver: 10 Kills in 4 mins
Gold: 10 Kills in 3 mins

Scrap Metal introduces you to Vampire, you die if you don't kill before the bar depletes.


UltraNet headquarters want this ChassisBot disposed of as quickly as possible. Although not heavily armored, it is very agile, so be careful! Power drained from the ChassisBot will refresh you EnviroSuit batteries - don't let them run down!


Be careful, this is Vampire, which means that you will die in a certain amount of time. When the bar at the top of the screen depletes, you die, so quick kills is a must. Pick up a weapon that kills fast, like the Homing Launcher or the Plasma Autorifle. Don't wait for the ChassisBot to find you, use the radar and find it. Also, not every kill will refill your life bar back to full, sometimes a kill will only refill the bar to about half or so. Find a powerful weapon and stay on top of the situation. For maximum kills, stick to the big, open-roofed area, this is where the most respawn points are.

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