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Robot Factory (Map)

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Robot Factory (Map)
Size Medium
Location Robot Factory
Climate N/A
Unlockable Beat Demolition Derby
Recommended Bots R-109
Gretel MkII
R One-Oh-Seven
Corporal Hart
Female Trooper
Male Trooper
Drone Splitter
Recommended Weapons Scifi Handgun
Plasma Autorifle
Homing Launcher

The Robot Factory is an Arcade Custom level that consists of the last room of the Robot Factory Story level where Gretel MkII destroyed the last power node. It includes the large room, along with its bridges, as well as part of the room with the previous node. The entrance to the Machinist's Sanctum is sealed, but the antechamber there contains a level 5 weapon. In the centre of the main room is a construction line, sealed off by laser beams. The walkways at the back of the main room run over a huge pipe. There is a max damage powerup at the bottom part of the main room on the side with the huge pipe. There is a shrink powerup in the small corridor coming off the small room with the previous node.

This map only contains three Zones, instead of the usual four.

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