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Monkey Gun

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Monkey Gun
Ammo 64/260
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
3490 rpm
Reload Time 2.3 sec
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type High Fire-Rate
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fires off entire clip
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TSFP

The Monkey Gun is the most powerful automatic in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. It is unlocked when the Challenge Electro Chimp Discomatic is beaten with a bronze medal or higher. Stylistically, it has a resemblance to the Mag-Charger. The Monkey Gun can fire a clip of 64 bullets in about 2 seconds, making it the fastest firing weapon in the game. Each of these bullets deal massive damage with just one or two of them capable of killing a player. The downside to this is that one push of the trigger causes the weapon to fire its entire clip in one short burst. A Monkey Gun must be reloaded every time it is fired, and the reload times are fairly long.

Due to its vast stopping power it is often classed as a "super weapon" and its use is frowned upon in online games due to the lack of skill necessary to attain a kill. Of course, its power is useful in "chomp stomp" games because you can rack up a lot of kills in a very short amount of time and overcome vast odds, if used properly.

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