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How to use Chat

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Using Chat is fairly simple. This wiki uses a template for each post which looks like this:

Post Info Xylaquin 09:09, 11 July 2007 (EDT)
Content Hello everyone!

You can see a good example of the use of this on the Chat page. The above box makes it look similar to a forum, it allows users to read the post easily. At the top of a chat/discussion page are the most recent post, and the bottom of the page are the earlier posts.

The post itself includes the person posting, the time of the post and the actual text. Here is the code for the above example of the post:

{{Infobox Talk|
  post_info      = ~~~~|
  post           = Hello everyone!
  • Notice how the Wiki automatically fills in your name and the time when you use the 4 ~ symbols.
  • By default, the wiki uses the the EDT timezone, this is GMT -3.
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