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Can't Handle This

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Can't Handle This
Game TS2
League Honorary League
Section Outnumbered But Never Outpunned!
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Nightclub
Character Hatchet Sal
Enemies Encountered Handyman x5
Rewards Bronze: Chasm
Silver: Hatchet Sal
Gold: Handyman
Medal Requirements Bronze: 40 kills in 4 mins
Silver: 40 kills in 3 min 30 secs
Gold: 40 kills in 3 mins
Platinum: 40 kills in 2 min 40 secs

Can't Handle This is a honorary Arcade League challenge. It is one that commonly gets players stuck in the game, and is considered to be one of the hardest arcade challenges. It takes place in Hatchet Sal's nightmare.


Welcome to Hatchet Sal's cheese induced nightmare. Well, at least now we know what Big Tony's left hand man looks like. Just goes to show, if you mutilate people for a living you've got to expect to lose some sleep.


One tactic for beating this challenge is as follows:

Go to the area which is the entry point into the nightclub in the story-mode mission Chicago, (down the stairs of the big lobby) and at the end of the corridor take the Tommy Gun (x2). Go back a bit and into the glassed area to the right of the exit to the lobby. There should be a Health Pack in there. Stand behind the pack and wait for the Handymen to come around the corner. As soon as you see one, shoot it (preferably at the head) until it dies. Continue until you die, in which case go back to where you were, and repeat strategy. If you run low on health, just get the pack right in front of you.


  • In the pause menu, on the score section, instead of saying "kills" the section says "hands".
  • The game doesn't count the enemy's kills, but instead only counts the kills that the player makes themself.
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