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Welcome to the dark world of Ursoule. Before going any further, please take some time to read our guide to this wiki.

A number of years ago a few fellow fans of Order of the Stick and members of The Giant's Playground tossed around the idea of creating a new campaign world, taking a cue from The Giant himself on his campaign building tips. We had the support of The Giant in this endeavor and our own little corner of the Playground was granted to us where we could take and run with the idea. We quickly set about tossing around ideas for a theme, a tone, and general this and that. We agreed that we would put ideas to a vote for each issue thereby coming up with a campaign world by consensus. Thus was born Tears of Blood.

The highlights of what we established early on, to name a few, are as follows: the tone would be gritty, a world where day to day life was a struggle; there would be several themes that worked together, namely -- a plague that recently ravaged the country, an atmosphere of revolution and unstable governments, an atmosphere of mistrust of strangers, including especially PC adventurers, and finally that magic use is in flux; the races needed some adjustments; a pantheon of gods would be original material; a playable large race would be introduced; at least one template sort of race would be established for players who had at some point contracted the deadly plague we now call The Weeping ... and survived. This list is introductory and far from exhaustive. Unravel the details of them within.

This is foremost a work in progress. We have generally decided to have a core "book" or volume that covers the main setting, and then a number of supplements that go into greater details. _,



Tears of Faith

  • Overview
  • Feldarin Cosmology (also includes the Reformation and catastrophic effects of ideas).
  • The Nature of Evil (Here we'll put in the debate about alignments, and that bit about Psychic Realm creatures).
  • Hobgoblin Mercenaries (Here we'll talk about goblinoids as 'summoned/called evil creatures' to do your bidding. It will also talk about rules for generating psychic realm creatures (like avatars of gods and such)
  • Specialty priests and other classes that serve the religious leader roles. Shamans, druids, Seid, Oracles, etc. Boons instead of class abilities.
  • The Seelie Court. All about the faeries and their influence on the many cultures. It is in the ToF because their aren't from this realm.
  • Dragons and Giants as guardians of the Gateways to the other realms.

Tears of Ice

  • Overview
  • The Tundra (includes dire creatures)
  • The Giantkin (assuming they become Player races by this point. Also monk variations based on animals.)
  • The Yujung Empire. (This is the big area of TOI similar in importance as the Feldarin Empire)
  • The Taeshin
  • The Omeshik
  • The Dwarves (Hasn't been mentioned much but there's a big dwarven presence up north).
  • The Firewolf Mountains (hasn't been developed much)

Tears of the Sun

  • Overview
  • The Orc Continent. "Orcland" or Orqtlan? (This is the big "empire" section of this supplement)
  • The Seafaring Halflings. (By this point we MUST agree on their own name since 'halfling' implies half a man and they have access to big cannons. Include 'basic' ship and cannon rules like maybe two ship types and a single cannon type. Includes their secret home islands.)
  • Pahali. I think there's a write up somewhere. I also think that someone suggested a 'psionic' based culture. While I don't think the pahali should be entirely psionic, I could see a section that is segmented away and apart from their caste structure that does have psionics. This would allow DM's to introduce psionics to his setting without forcing it on people that don't like psionics.

Tears of the Deep

  • Overview
  • The Beneath
  • The Gnomes
  • The homeland dwarves (not the mercenary dwarves)
  • Acheron/Olympia and the entrance to the Beneath

Blood Money

  • Overview
  • Currencies and Treasure throughout the cultures. This allows DM's to add flavor to the setting's monetary system without forcing it on to DM's that just want to hand out a sack of gold.
  • Merchant Guilds
  • Resources and Trade goods. What to the various cultures have to trade between each other.
  • Weapons Grade Silver. This might talk about the Hunter class and various weapons for hunting undead and lycanthropes.
  • Chevengrad: Home of the Hunters
  • Port Conastinium

Gears of Blood

  • Overview
  • Firearms galore! Includes history of firearms.
  • New classes based on some technological gimmick
  • History of technology through the ages and current tech levels for various cultures.
  • Musseltech, Adamantine, Mithril. Various Feldarin developments.
  • High Quality Goods. Why shop with the Baran?
  • Bartertown and the Great Bazaar.
  • Oasis City.
  • Modern Marvels. Various public works. Port Conastinium, the canal systems, the great aqueduct, etc.
  • SHIPS!!! Various cultural ships and propulsion systems
  • Self Made Man: The Fleshwrought bloodline.

Blood Magic

  • Overview
  • Spirits and their role in traditional monsters
  • The Seid Witches of the Taeshin
  • Differentiating spell using classes
  • Ritual Magic
  • The University of Magic at Osijek and the Ghost Professors
  • The Bronze Citadel

Current Topic: Races

Races is the topic currently being transferred to the Tears of Blood wiki. You can find the template for races here.

Dwarves - Elves - Feldarin - Giantkin - Gnomes - Halflings - Humans - Orcs
Acquired Templates and Bloodlines
Fleshwrought - Plaguetouched

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