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Please try and get rid of red links. Go to Wanted Pages and click on a red link in order to create it. You have to write something in, and save page, first. Also, Wanted Pages only list words/phrases/etc that are red linked on two or more pages. To find red links that aren't on the Wanted Pages, go through all of the pages, or hit Random Page a whole bunch until you find one.

Oh, and don't start linking to every random word in an article. Don't just suddenly put a link around the word 'The'. If there is a common word that has an article, don't just slap it all over the place. =-=

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Wiki Things

To Make a Page: Search for it. When you see "No page with this exact title exists, trying full text search." click "this exact title"

To Redirect: Make a new page, and the entire content of the page should be #REDIRECT and then a link to the page you want to redirect to.

To sign your name Cthulhu 20:18, 29 October 2006 (EST) do four of these: ~.

To make a new line in text, hit enter twice, or type <.br.> without the periods.

While uploading, if you see the message "This file is over the size limit, do you want to continue?" DO NOT CONTINUE. Resize the image in a photo editing software, so that it is small enough to fit here.

To link to something on the wiki, but make the text say something else, write the link as DarkGob|douchebag, with the word you want displayed being where douchebag is, and the word you want to link to being where DarkGob is. Like this. If you don't know where the vertical bar is, it's right above the Enter/Return key on the keyboard, on the same key as backslash; just use shift+backslash to type it. Apparently, you can't do that to where it'd link to the same page it is on.

Also, don't link every fucking word on the page, we've got a million broken red links everywhere, so if you are going to link something in a page, either create a page for it, or don't link it.

A Notice

Due to the departure of Virgil and DarkGob, the two admins on the previous wiki, I have set this up in order for things to run more smoothly.

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