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The Triple Jet is Jack's main electric with The Raconteurs. It was commissioned by Jack in 2006, and was entirely hand-built by famed Seattle luthier Randy Parsons. Parsons also built Jack's Triple Green Machine, and appeared in the film It Might Get Loud. He has made five different guitars for Jack, and also built the "Peach Thief" guitar for Karen Elson.

The Triple Jet features a solid copper top (upgraded from what was formerly just a copper color), copper frets, a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, a built-in MXR Micro Amp, and a Gretsch logo from 1912. The guitar is equipped with three TV Jones pickups; the middle pickup actually covers the MXR Micro Amp, and selecting it produces an instant overdriven sound. The guitar also features "secret" onboard electronics which, coupled with the weight of the solid copper top, makes the Triple Jet heavier than most "commercial" guitars.

Parsons has made three Triple Jets for Jack.

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