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Jack Lawrence is a Nashville-based musician, hailing from northern Kentucky. Lawrence is the bass guitarist for The Raconteurs, The Greenhornes, and The Dead Weather, and is also a multi-instrumentalist for Blanche. Though he mainly plays bass, banjo, and autoharp, Lawrence also sings and plays guitar, mandolin, drums, piano, accordion, double bass, and clarinet. Lawrence is usually called "Little Jack", "Lil' Jack", or "LJ", which originates from his childhood, to avoid confusion from his father who was also named Jack. Upon joining the Raconteurs, the nickname helped avoid confusion with Jack White.

In 2004, Jack Lawrence appeared on Loretta Lynn's acclaimed, Grammy-winning album Van Lear Rose, as part of a band called The Do-Whaters, along with Greenhornes/Raconteurs drummer Patrick Keeler and Blanche pedal steel guitarist Dave Feeny. The band was assembled and led by Jack White, who also produced the album. Blanche frontman Dan Miller also made an appearance on the album. In 2008, he appeared on "Another Way to Die", the theme song to the 2008 James Bond film Quantam of Solace, written and performed by Jack White, with Alicia Keys. Lawrence played bass guitar and baritone guitar on the song. In 2009, Jack Lawrence appeared on the soundtrack to the film Where The Wild Things Are as part of Karen O and the Kids. The soundtrack was written by Yeah Yeahs Yeah frontwoman Karen O, and also features fellow Dead Weather member Dean Fertita. In 2011, Lawrence appeared on Wanda Jackson's album The Party Ain't Over, produced by White.

On May 22, 2009, Lawrence married photographer Jo McCaughey in Jack White's backyard in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of a double wedding with Meg White and her husband, Jackson Smith. The wedding was officiated by reverend Benjamin Swank. The two currently happily reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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