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[edit] Fire Emblem: Dark of Night (Medieval Fantasy RPG)

Dark of Night is a complex and thrilling medieval fantasy role-playing game based on the popular Nintendo "Fire Emblem" series of strategy console games. Members play as nobles, citizens and soldiers of various nations, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and unique culture; or they can go soldier of fortune, either roaming the continent of Maris independently as a lone blade for hire, or as part of a larger mercenary group.

[edit] How to Play

[edit] Nations of Maris

  • Ainor - The nation of ultimate horsemen, and powerful faith.
  • Endal - The Empire famous for discipline, order, and a huge army.
  • Illyria - A blasted wasteland full of hordes of Morphs.
  • Kaeldar - Barbaric tribesmen that fight for their God Emperor.
  • Lequall - A small nation with the best trained soldiers the world over.
  • Sons of Sand - The home of the dragons, second to none in magical prowess.
  • Tavrica - A wilderness that has given rise to the most talented archers in the world.
  • The Thanedoms - A stubborn and tough confederation that has risen out of the Ilian ashes.
  • Vadal - The lords of the sea, Vadalians are bar none on the waters.
  • Neutral Territories/NPC Lands

[edit] Factions of Maris

Other Sections will be added as they come.

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