Sonic the Hedgehog (Issue 174)

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Issue 174 was titled, "Wedding Bells?"


Plot Synopsis

Main Story

Titled "Union", it opens with Uncle Chuck helping Sonic prepare for being the best man at Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot's wedding. Sonic comments that he's happy flying solo, while Uncle Chuck hints that "maybe Antoine can return the favor one day?" Sonic and Tails go to visit Antoine, only to be beaten there by the Chaotix. Knuckles the Echidna comments that Espio is off on a mission.

Meanwhile, Espio infiltrates New Megaopolis. Sonic goes to visit Bunnie, only to be used as a distraction for Amy Rose. Rosie, Sally, and Bunnie all admire Bunnie's dress and congratulate her. Rosie and Bunnie hint about Sally still liking Sonic, but Sally denies it. Meanwhile, Espio discovers Dr. Eggman's battle armor.

Sonic, Knuckles, and Julie-Su briefly discuss if the latter two would ever have a marriage ceremony, although both doubt it. With no word from Espio, Sonic arrives to meet the Royal Family at the throne. After Sonic and Sally tease each other, most of the other family members comment and Sonic and Sally's old relationship, bringing up an awkward silence, broken only by the arrival of Amadeus Prower and Tail's mother. Amadeus thanks King Elias for the honor of leading the honor guard for the wedding. After Elias walks off, Amadeus mutters that soon the only power the King will have will be honorary powers, hinting at future ambitions.

In New Megaopolis, Espio discover Robotnik's full, unstoppable plan. He panicks, and his seen by a flying Egg Pawn. The wedding ceremony begins, and Elias gives a long speech about the joy of these 2 Freedom Fighters, united at last. Espio flees from fire from dozens of guns. As Elias gives the vows, Espio takes down many Egg Pawns while fleeing but is cornered. Antione and Bunnie are married, but Espio meets a much worse fate. He tells Robotnik that he knows the plans and that the Freedom Fighters will save him and stop Robotnik. Robotnik fires a green laser that seemingly kills Espio, and comments that the Kingdom of Knothole doesn't have a chance. In the background, an enlargened Egg Fleet can be seen.

Part II: See Ya' Later Chao

Eggman tells Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to leave the Chao garden so he can take the Chaos Emerald or Magic Rings. Sonic tells him that it's the Chao Garden giving off energy, but Eggman decides to destroy the garden anyways. Knuckles and his Chao Chuckles spin the drill Eggman was firing and throw it when Sonic hits hit at high speed. Eggman is defeated, but the Chao Garden is destroyed. Sonic transfers the Chao to the Lake of Tings.

Dramtais Personae (In Order of Apperance)

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