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In some of the fictional universes inhabited by versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, The House of Acorn is a line of monarchs that have traditionally ruled over the the capital city of Mobotropolis in the sovereign Kingdom of Acorn, until the evil genius Dr. Robotnik took over.

In the Universe of the Archie Comics version of Sonic, the royal family and its history was greatly expanded on from the version seen in the SatAM cartoon.

In the Archie Comics the Kingdom has been restored. Although Mobotropolis has been lost, Knothole has developed into a bustling city and has even become the new capital for the royal family. The new-named Kingdom of Knothole is no longer hidden from Dr. Robotnik, now in a state of open war against his Eggman Empire.



The Royal Family has several prominent members, including:


Maximillian Acorn

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ueen Alicia Acorn

The wife of King Acorn, mother of Princess Sally Acorn and Prince Elias Acorn, Alicia was thought dead for several years. Traveling in a convoy to the Floating Island with her son Elias, Alicia was grievously wounded. The convoy, badly damaged and with most of its crew dead, landed on the island, only to be greeted and then hidden by the Brotherhood of Guardians.

Placed in stasis by the Brotherhood, Alicia remained in a coma for ten years before she and Elias were found by her husband's Secret Service. She remained in a coma for a while after, finally coming awake and ruling alongside her husband.

The Queen loves her family deeply, and was particularly distressed when Elias ran away. It is also likely that she disapproves of her husband's attempt to marry off Sally, though she believes that Sally has no choice.

Elias Acorn

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Sally Acorn

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Sonic the Hedgehog

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In the future of Mobius: 25 Years Later, Sonic marries Sally, thus bringing him into the House of Acorn through marriage. He, though this, becomes King of Mobius and rules the planet alongside his wife.


Sally and Sonic's daughter featured in Mobius: 25 Years Later, Sonia is a biological member of the House of Acorn.


As the son of Sally and Sonic from Mobius: 25 Years Later, Manik can be considered a member of the House.

Frederick Acorn

Former ruler and father of King Maximillian. Notable for making Ixis Naugus part of the royal court. An Airport in the Kingdom of Acorn is named after him.

Emerson Acorn

A prince of the House of Acorn from several generations in the past, Emerson was the son of King Theodore. One day, he met an Overlander named Paladin, who was of similar age. The two struck up a conversation, and Paladin showed Emerson how to use a gun. However, when Paladin targeted a bird, Emerson took the bullet and was killed.

Theodore Acorn

Previous King of Acorn, and father to Emerson. Following his son's accidental death, Theodore forbade any contact between Mobians and Overlanders, possibly leading to tension that brought about the war some generations later. Theodore also introduced the no-guns policy among Mobians, blaming the weapons for his son's death.


There are also several minor members of the Acorn family who are not actually considered royalty, including:

Megan Acorn

Megan Acorn, often referred to as Meg, is Elias' wife, whom he met and married after running away from his duties as prince.

Alexis Acorn

Alexis is Elias and Meg's daughter, and Sally's niece. Due to her mother's status as a commoner, she is not eligible as a royal heir. This is fine with her father, who doesn't want his children involved in the politics of the Kingdom of Acorn.

Magical Artifacts

Sword of Acorns

A sword belonging to the House of Acorn, the Sword of Acorns is a powerful artifact with many uses. The sword can be used as a superconductor, transferring power from one individual to another, as demonstrated by Mammoth Mogul's defeat of Enerjak. The sword is also one of the few known methods to release the minds of those who have been Roboticized, due to its ability to control the minds of other beings. The Sword appears to be sentient, and at times takes possession of its wielder. It can also be used to open dimensional rifts, such as that which released Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence and killed the Ancient Walkers.

The Sword of Acorns was lost after Dr. Robotnik took over. Years later, Knuckles the Echidna would set out on a quest to find the legendary artifact. The Freedom Fighters later battled Mammoth Mogul for it, but the ancient Mobian stole the Sword and left them with a fake. Mogul then used it to drain Enerjak's power and become Master Mogul. After his defeat, the Sword was returned to Sally.

In Sally's hands, the Sword was put to multiple uses. It freed the family of Rotor from the mind control of Dr. Eggman, and was also used to free various Roboticized Mobians. The Sword also attempted to subvert Sally to its will, but failed. In response, she turned it over to the Arachne, who later used to free Ixis Naugus from the Void. Naugus temporarily used the Sword in his own quest for power, before turning it over to Mammoth Mogul to express his fealty. Sir Connery later destroyed the Sword with his own magic weapon, the Sword of Light, but at the cost of his own life.

Crown of Acorns

The ancestral crown of the House of Acorn, the Crown possesses certain abilities. Presumably, it increases the power of the wearer and its power is in turn increased by the Sword of Acorns. The Crown is also capable of counteracting the crystallization effects of the Zone of Silence, allowing King Acorn to escape death due to the transformation. It was worn by the King for much of the series before being stolen and corrupted by Mammoth Mogul-with the aid of his minions, the Destructix-only to be destroyed shortly afterwards by Sir Connery.

Ring of Acorns

A magical artifact that possesses healing properties and can also grant wishes. Amy Rose used the Ring to wish herself older. However, the price of her aging was all the energy contained within it. Thus, the Ring of Acorns has become useless, valuable only as an heirloom of the house.

Kingdom of Acorn

As the royal family, the Acorns hold sway over the Kingdom of Acorn, which includes the former Mobotropolis (now a radioactive wasteland) and Knothole, as well as Great Forest. It is unknown how much territory the family controls, but it is considerable. The Kingdom is currently engaged in open war with the Eggman Empire, as opposed to the guerilla warfare previously utilized by the Freedom Fighters. Following an attempt by Patch to seize the throne which left Maximilian Acorn unable to continue his duties as sovereign, Elias Acorn was forced to step forth and claim his birthright, and now serves as the Kingdom's head of state.

Source of All

The sentient substance that is supposedly the creation force of the universe, the Source of All shares a long history with the House of Acorn. It determines who the heirs of the House will marry, given the chance. The Source is also the substance from which the artifacts of the House were created. After Acorn Castle was bombarded with nuclear missiles, the biggest concentration of the Source became inaccessible, and the Artifacts of Acorn-sans the already useless Ring-the only other known concentrations, were corrupted by Mammoth Mogul and had to be destroyed to stop his rampage.


  • Theodore and Emerson's story is the only continuity explanation for why most Sonic the Hedgehog characters do not use guns.
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