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 Joined: 5-21-07
 Real name: Colin Rymer
 Age range: n/a
 Gender: male
 Locale: United States
 Stance: n/a
 Misc.: missing in action
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ColinR is alleged by some to be the secret master of RationalWiki. It is possible that he is also one of the ferret overlords. One thing that is certain is that when RationalWiki 1.0 was founded by Colin and Trent, Colin paid the bill for initial hosting and was never reimbursed.

In reality “Colin” is apparently no longer active on RW which has led to a number of highly speculative explanations being offered. These are:

  • At the instigation of Andrew Schlafly he has been kidnapped by the FBI and is presently held at Guantanamo.
  • As one of the ferret overlords he has more important missions to take care of issues such as combating Global Warming.
  • He was really a sock of Andrew Schlafly all long and wanted to get his enemies on one place. Now that goal has been accomplished he is no longer needed.

He made a brief one-edit appearance in (31 October 2007). No one knows why.


On Jan. 11, 2008 the prodigal Colin "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" Rymer once again made an appearance on the wiki. No one knows if this has anything to do with the US Presidential election process, but suspicions have been raised and accusations leveled in several quarters.

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