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ASchlafly is the founder and most turgid member of Conservapedia. He is sometimes, incorrectly, rumored to have made the occasional foray into enemy territory. His contributions there have been remarkably uninteresting.

Most postings or user names that resemble his are simply humorous deception via sockpuppetry or false signing by existing RationalWiki members who seek to make a point, or a bad joke.

While on the subject of bad (or at least incomprehensible) jokes, the rationalists have decided to continue the fight against the weirdness at CP by creating articles on vegetables and redirecting them to Mr Schlafly's article. Go RationalWiki! That's how to show those creationists the error of their ways!

These vegetable redirects served the VITAL FUNCTION of redirecting the anger of Rationalwikians against ASchlafly and not against each other.

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