Angular gyrus

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The angular gyrus is a region of the brain located in the inferior parietal lobule and is responsible for auditory and visual processing and also for language comprehension. As an important part of the brain the angular gyrus allows for cross modal transfers and associations between touch or sight and one's auditory functions. This also may be applied in its reverse. For example, the angular gyrus would be responsible for making connections between a certain sound and a touched object. It would also be responsible to make connections between an object seen and something heard. In terms of language, the angular gyrus is a very essential part of the brain. During language development a person usually has to make a connection between an object shown (such as an apple or bear) and the auditory functions so one may be able to properly pronounce the word. It is also thought that the angular gyrus may also be responsible for out-of-body experiences. An out-of-body experience usually involves a person who feels as if he or she is hovering around outside of his or her actual body.


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