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The following is a list of projects (websites, mailing lists, etc.) that were set up by Prosomawi Media. The external links are in the section titles.


Tyler Zahnke Official Site

I, Tyler Zahnke, am a musician working in many different genres, from comedy to country, from pop to ambient. I am also the founder and owner of Prosomawi Media. My own official music website was our first project; it actually existed before Prosomawi Media! So, it is basically a Prosomawi production before Prosomawi existed. But don't let that turn you away. From now on, it will be considered a Prosomawi production.


Founded in February of 2012, Vitripedia's stated goal is to become a wiki-based glass-makers' compendium. As far as we (Prosomawi Media) know, it is the only one of its kind. We at Prosomawi aren't glass-makers, but we want a place for glass-makers to collaborate, wiki style. So we're promoting like crazy. We are trying to get glass experts to write in our wiki. After all, it is Prosomawi's first open wiki. We've done "locked wikis" before, (like Prosomawi itself) but no open ones. So, hooray for Vitripedia! We hope to see some vitriform articles soon.

Note: Please wait as we clean up the Vitripedia website; a few spam posts were made to the open wiki that we have to delete.


TapeVille is a forum for discussing cassette and other tape media, founded in September 2012 by Prosomawi Media, but thanks to some free advertising thanks to the Matilda Ziegler magazine (now defunct) and the Braille Monitor magazine in 2013, the forum had quite a period of activity, more so than the 2012 wave of activity from the tape looping community thanks to advertising on looping forums such as Looper's Delight. You can post anything tape-related on TapeVille.

Mini Nifty website

Mini Nifty is the multimedia duo consisting of Tyler Zahnke and Lizzie Dunn. Originally nameless, the duo has been around in some capacity since 2010, and for a while, Prosomawi was treated like a subproject of the (still nameless at the time) Mini Nifty. The name Mini Nifty emerged in late 2015, and the website was created during the fourth quarter of 2016. From remixes to duets, and even a live performance at an art gallery in 2019, Mini Nifty gives audio and written media a whole new meaning. Mini Nifty is responsible for the slight resurfacing of the word "nifty" as a noun (something that has been obsolete for almost a hundred years; even in the 70s when "nifty" was heavily used as an adjective, nobody dared use it as a noun), and the use of the word "seshie" to mean a session musician.

Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians Twitter account

The American Federation of Musicians is the largest musician union in the United States, with over fifty thousand members; their Grand Rapids, Michigan branch, Local 56, has over three hundred members. Prosomawi Media manages their Twitter account, and people from Prosomawi write the tweets and answer your direct messages, but as of right now, they have nothing to do with the rest of the union's online presence.

Promotion of the Palai alternative currency

Since January 2019, Prosomawi Media has been promoting the alternative digital currency known as Palai, a Gesellian currency with a basic income and a demurrage system for those of us who wish for a life without inflation. Palai was proposed in Leipzig, Germany as far back as 2014, though May 2018 was when a working system was finally created; this system is always improving, but Prosomawi Media is here to spread Palai awareness in the United States and beyond. If you sign up for Palai through this link, Prosomawi Media will receive a referral bonus in Palai currency. Once you collect some Palai coins of your own, feel free to donate to us.

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