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Prosomawi Media is an online think-and-do tank, founded on November 29, 2011. We produce websites for different purposes; mostly purposes that we think need a website, or we get a whole bunch of requests for. We also try to delve into innovation if we can; if people think it's a good idea, we might try a collaborative fiction novel, a collaborative podcast, a collaborative script for an independent film, etc.

What we do

  • Create websites for various purposes; for example, we've never heard of a forum for glass-makers, so we are building a glass-maker forum.
  • Create little applications that do in-browser tasks using JavaScript.
  • Collaborate and innovate; we'd love to do collaborative film scripts, fiction novels, interactive fiction computer games ... whatever we can get our hands on.

Our brother tanks

As you know, we are a production tank. You may think the other tanks are real "competitors"; you never hear McDonalds employees support Burger King; you never hear Winn-Dixie employees support Publix, well, we're different. The other think-and-do tanks online are our friends! They have inspired us to start Prosomawi Media! I actually support several of these tanks, and want to get involved with more of them. We provide links to some of our brother tanks, so that our fans and beta testers can see the similarities and differences between tanks. No matter what you say, I'm telling you right now, we are not trying to be the best production tank with the most visitors. Each production tank has its purpose, and we would prefer that if you visit our tank, visit many tanks, please! Here is a list of tanks that we love:

  • The Bubbletank, founded by Imogen Heap and Thomas Ermacora in the summer of 2010, this was our first influence. We couldn't believe Love The Earth, a magnificent movie they produced ... with the help of the fans! This nature film contained nature-themed video clips put online; either uploaded to the movie group on Vimeo, or put on YouTube and emailed to the movie producers. And when we became fans in 2011 they were doing that Live 4 Sendai charity thing. Big, BIG "Aha!" moment there (pardon the play-on words for you Imogen Heap fans out there). The Bubbletank is the best thing since the invention of MediaWiki software.
  • The What Took You So Long Foundation, founded by Sebastian Lindstrom in 2008. A Google search for The Bubbletank brought up a page on Lindstrom's blog, making a comparison to The Bubbletank. This tank has produced a lot of interesting videos, short and long.

For more info

Check out the sidebar, and, if you need to, email us.

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