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Welcome to PokeLibrary!

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Today's featured Pokemon

# 09 Blastoise
Blastoise (カメックス, Kamekkusu) is a very large, blue, bipedal tortoise that can extend cannon-like spouts from the top of its shell with a jaw similar to that of the snapping turtle. The cannons are used to fire blasts of pressurized water at foes, and can spray with enough force to pierce concrete walls and thick steel. They are also highly accurate, allowing Blastoise to hit small targets at distances of over 160 feet. However, Blastoise is unable to aim at short distances[3] as this handicap was shown in the battle between Ash's Charizard and Gary's Blastoise. They can pump out enough water to fill 3 Olympic swimming pools within one minute. In order to withstand the recoil of its fire, Blastoise positions its feet and plants itself with its considerable weight, which it has cultivated for this purpose. The ferocity of its attacks has caused Blastoise to be described as “brutal”, and even its normal attacks, like waterjet-assisted tackles and crushing heavyweight body slams, are completely devastating, even though the creature is reasonably lightweight and fast compared to the "real" heavyweighters of Pokémon. When it does feel threatened by something, it withdraws into its shell for protection. Blastoise is a Pokémon that is very strong, no matter what, and will sacrifice its life to save a trainer. It evolves from a Wartortle, before that, a Squirtle.


Episodes Tile Reveled!
A new dub episode title was revealed today, episode 474:"Different Strokes For Different Blokes!"

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Poke-Anime Corner

Coming This Month TO Japan

<tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Airdate: June 7, 2007</td><th style="background:#B0C4DE ;"> Airdate: June 14, 2007 </td> <th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Airdate: None </td> </table>

Coming This Month To The US

#504 "Eterna Gym! VS Turtwig!"
</td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> #505 "Cycling Road! Explosive Birth!"
</td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> No Episode

<tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Airdate: June 7, 2007</td><th style="background:#B0C4DE ;"> Airdate: June 8, 2007 </td> <th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Airdate: June 16, 2007 </td> </table>

PokeLibrary Updates

May 30, 2007

May 29, 2007

May 28, 2007

May 27, 2007


May 29, 2007

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Walkthrough coming soon!

May 28, 2007

Today, it was revealed by Nintendo of America that on June 4,2007 Nintendo will run the Wi-Fi Network so that when Nintendo Wii owners buy Pokemon Battle Revolution (PBR) they can already acess the internet to battle trainers and or play minigames. On June 3rd Nintedo will relaese an enhanced edition of the Wi-Fi USB which allows Nintendo DS owners to surf and browse the Internet using the Touch screen as a Mouse/Keyboard and the top screen as the page display. The Network is free, but to acess the Network you need the enhanced USB, which wil cost $59.99 (US dollars).

May 27, 2007

Today, Nintendo Japan announced that they plan to run an American & European pokemon tour! they will be giving away the following items:

  • Azure Flute
  • Oak's Letter
  • Newmoon Pass

The items above just give you access to 3 RARE pokemon: Arceus, Shaymin & Darkrai. The tours will start in August 2007!



#472 "Dawn Of A New Era"
Image:472pic.jpg </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> #473"Gettin' Twiggy With It"
Image:473pic.jpg </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> #474 "Diffrent Strokes For Different Blokes"
Image:474pic.jpg </td>

<tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;">List of 4th Generation Pokemon</td><th style="background:#B0C4DE ;"> --- </td> <th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> --- </td> </table>

Pokemon Movies

List of 1st Generation Pokemon </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> List of 2nd Generation Pokemon </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> List of 3rd Generation Pokemon</td>

<tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;">Pokemon: 4Ever </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;">Pokemon Heroes</td> <th style="background: #B0C4DE;">Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker </tr> <tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon: Lucario & the Mystery of Mew </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> </td> Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of The Sea </td> </table>

Pokemon Videogames

Pokemon: The 1st Movie </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon The Movie 2000 </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> </td> Pokemon 3: The Movie

<tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon Crystal Version </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Version </td> <th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon Emerald Version </tr> <tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Version </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Pokemon Colosseum </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> </td> Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness </td> </table>

Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Red & Blue Version </td><th style="background:#B0C4DE  ;"> Pokemon Yellow </td><th style="background:#B0C4DE ;"> </td> Pokemon Gold & Silver Version

<tr><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Hoenn League Episodes </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Battle Frontier Episodes <th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Sinnoh League Episodes </td> </table>



Indigo League Episodes </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> Orange League Episodes </td><th style="background: #B0C4DE;"> </td> Johto League Episodes
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