1st Gen Legendaries

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Whats the difference beteewn a road kill dog and a road kill lawyer? Nothing the both got roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris.People don't take Chaser pills to get over a hang over, they chew Chuck Norris pellets.Someone once called Chuck Norris gay, Chuck Norris immediatey roundhouse kicked him in the face so hard his daughter can't sing, this victim was called Elvis.In Texas you don't get capital punishment, you get the Chuck Norris.Because of Paris Hilton's sex video with Chuck Norris we now know why Nicole Richie looks the way she does.Chuck Norris had sex with N'Sync and they turned into the Spice Girls.Chuck Norris had sex with Earth and made the Grand Canyon.The reason that oxygen gets thinner the higher up you go is because you get farther away from Chuck Norris.Chuck Norris once ate beans and shat it all out. We now call it, well, it's south of the states.Chuck Norris drives a gremlin but it is blessed by his awesomeness and is now a Lamborgini Diablo.

GXsU7G Im thankful for the blog article. Cool.

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