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Panty Liberation Front of Farkistan

The Crop and Thong, Official Flag of the PLFOF

The Panty Liberation Front of Farkistan, PLFOF or the PLF for short, is an secretive organization of TotalFark that is fighting to free feminine undergarments from oppressors who do not fully value their worth. This is carried out through a mixture of politics, lobbying and more proactive means. The PLFOF is not beyond taking drastic measures and undergoing freedom operations when needed to support the righteous cause.

Our History can be viewed where records are kept of all our prior operations and a chronological mapping of events since our founding is located. Upcoming Events are noted on the corresponding page.

Our Membership can be viewed as well as details on our current agents and members at large. Membership is by invite only though requests will be noted. The Panty Liberation Front attempts to maintain an active and expanding membership to better serve our quest for lingerie liberty.

While tours are not allowed an inventory of our holdings in The Shrine is available for the general public.

Our FAQ contains some useful answers to common questions we recieve.

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