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It really isn't that hard to understand. If you're struggling with it you're likely thinking too hard. It is the curse of man that we only have enough blood to properly run our brain or member at the same time, perhaps coming back when you’re less excited might help.

How do I sign up?

You don't, membership is by invitation only. That said expressing interest will do wonders to accelerate the process. Contact either agent Marten or Grison if you have any questions.

I'm confused, how exactly do your operations work?

Operations are scripted several says prior to their launch. The script is split up among participating members and emailed in order, often at two minute intervals, to the target. Rather simplistic but it works wonderfully. An instant messaging program is a must.

Who writes the scripts?

Any PLFOF member can write a script though it is subject to approval and editing. Most scripts are written by Marten though any member awarded a Steno Pad of Inspiration has written at least one script.

Is there any way I can help support the PLFOF?

Of course. Talk us up whenever you get the chance, we love the publicity. You're also welcome and encouraged to provide a link to our site in your profile as well as rehost and display our flag.

Can I request a raid?

Well, we can't stop you can we? Whether it is carried out or not is a different question and subject to circumstance.

How do you choose your targets?

Very carefully. The PLF is mindful to only target those who would see the action as good natured humor. Our attack pattern is random as surprise serves in our best interest. If somebody in particular has been ignored it is most likely not on purpose, we are decidedly not targeting our favorite TFettes exclusively.

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