2nd Winter Olympics

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2nd Winter Olympics


Host city Bauernalt, Transnistriana
Participating nations 11
Ident video Lillehammer 1994
Olympic soundtrack Nun Hai Look
Olympic torch King Bumbibol I

2nd Winter Olympics will start in Bauernalt, Transnistriana, at 23. February 2008, and will last until 29. February or 1. March (estimated dates).


[edit] Highlights

  • 5. January 2008NNOC decides that Danmark Norge II shall, as the first non-novian nation, get permission to participate during the olympics. However, the nation cannot get full membership in NNOC, and therefore it has to applicate for permission to participate for every olympics.
  • 6. January 2008 – King Bumbibol I of Transnistriana decides together with Royal Transnistrian Olympic Committee that the official logo shall be replaced by a new one (as showed in the infobox in upper right corner).

[edit] Events

At the olympics in Bauernalt, four new events will be represented; freestyle (with twintip), ice hockey, figure skating and snowboarding. Therefore, there will be ten olympic events in Bauernalt (sorted alphabetically):

Alpine skiing
Figure skating
Freestyle skiing
Ice hockey
Ski jumping

[edit] Participating nations

(As of 21. January 2008)

Participating nations during the olympiad, sorted alphabetically:

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