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Skatval [skɑvʈʈɑɽ] is an old kingdom in the middle of Norway. It's a part of the region Nova Norway. The current king is Erik I.


[edit] Geography

The whole country is a large peninsula called Skatval. The main cities lies along the coast, and the capital is Aglo. Aglo is a small city in comparation with the other cities. The largest city is Fløan [fɽøan]. The largest county is Forbord which is twice as large as the second largest county; Vollsdal. There's not so many rivers or lakes, but a lot of brooks and small, quite romantic, waterfalls.

[edit] Counties

Skatval is divided into counties (fylker), but not any muncipalities (because of Skatval's small size).

The counties are: Forbord, Flioda, Vollemdal, Vinge, Ryken and Skatvold. Skatvold has status as a Central Territory, which is meaningless today; Skatvold was the administration center of the occupation power.

[edit] History & Politics

Skatval's first period of independence was from 1201 to 1456. The country was first ruled by The Gulaagre-Ancestry, and later by The Fljoðar-Ancestry. Skatval fell into Skatval-Brandenburg's hands in 1456, and Skatval was ruled by it's neightbour untill 1988. Skatval's second period of independence was reached after a short economical blockade and guerilla war against The Union of Skatval-Brandenburg in 1988.

It's democratic multi-party elections every fourth year, and the current government is a broad center-right alliance between The Justice Party, The Royalistic Patriot Party and The Conservative Party.

[edit] Demography

In 2004, the etnic groups of Skatval was like this:

  • Nordic - 94%
    • Skatvalian - 67%
    • Skateburgian - 7%
    • Other Scandinavian - 4%
  • Other Caucasian group - 6%
  • Other - 6%

[edit] Economy

The small economy is based in agriculture, finance, exchange, fishing and tourism. The nearest ally in the economy is (quite ironic) Skatval-Brandenburg. The king himself own a private airline, and FloAir is the largest corporation in Skatval. The economy is described as mixed economy, and unemployment rates are low.

[edit] Religion

Skatval's official religion is protesantic christianity, but it is religious freedom. Exept this religion, Catholic Christianity is quite normal among the people.

  • Christianity - 57%
    • Protesant - 43%
    • Catholic - 17%
    • Orthodox - 0,5%
    • Reformed - 6,5%
  • Islam - 3%
    • Shia - 2%
    • Sunni - 1%
  • Atheism - 30%
  • Other - 10%

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