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There are many unexplained Mario related things...and no one knows the answers! This time, you can share your theories on things. But how?

Make a page for something you want to talk about. Like how is Bowser bigger in some games and small in others? You make the page called: Bowser and add some tiny info on him. Then you make a section (using the ==s ). The section will be the question.

Then ask your question and then other people will answer the question. So a page should look like this:

Bowser (name of article)

Bowser is the villain of Mario first appeared in Super Mario Bros.

How is Bowser different sizes in different games?

In Sunshine he is big but in otheres he is tiny. (Then you add your name so we know who asked the Question)

  1. . Then people here answer the question with theoris and sign (Ex. Admin)
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