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[edit] Logs

Session 1-Wherein our heroes attend a festival honoring a revered hero, in hopes of free food.
Session 2- Wherein the plot thickens. A visiting Lunar warlord coming, more street festival, and a portal to the Labyrinth that needs attending to.
Session 3- Reunion, and an a fight outside the Labyrinth.
Session 4- Labyrinth, mindfucking, and ghosts from the past.
Session 5- Uncomfortable revelations, a fight in the Labyrinth, and rumors in the city.

[edit] Other Projects

FST- Lynne's attempt at a playlist. Because she has to make a soundtrack for every game she's in. All contributions welcome.
Lynne's Pen- Lynne writes fiction.
Other Stories - more game!fic.
Voice Cast- because Lynne is trying to assign VAs to these guys. Why Japanese VAs? It's easier for her to find subtitled clips then dub clips.
Virtue Flaws- Custom Limit Breaks.

[edit] Information

So What Have We Found Out So Far?-a place to keep all the info we've found out throughout the game.
Other Observations- random observations.
Quotes- the good, the bad, the punny. Funny and otherwise memorable quotes.

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