Jessamyn Trotsky

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Jessamyn Trotsky (age: barely legal) is a freshman at Bilgewater University.



Jessamyn's defining characteristic is her hotness, which she tries to play up as much as possible. She wears tight low-rise jeans and a vacuuformed T-shirt with the phrase "AVERAGE GIRL" spelled out in rhinestones positioned to draw the maximum amount of attention to her breasts.

Choice of Underwear

Jessamyn wears thongs.


Jessamyn is a bitch. In fact, though she doesn't know it yet, she is actually a bitch goddess. Her presence amplifies the natural bitchiness of those around her. She has the power to manipulate situations supernaturally to help bitches be all the bitch they can be, and also protect them from those who would undo their bitchiness.

Barnabas describes her as "unprejudiced with her sharp tongue."


  • Larry has the hots for her, but she wants nothing to do with him except when his vampire charisma is in effect.
  • Nadine will eventually hook up with her. Because Jessamyn is a bitch goddess, Nadine will become much more bitchy, serving as a metaphor for the way peeps change when they start dating someone.
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