Mulkey, Isaac Newton

From Lane Co Oregon


[edit] History

[edit] 1870s

Historian Olga Freeman writes about the Pleasant Hill Church:

The pioneer history of the Pleasant Hill congregation is not complete without telling of Isaac Newton and Sarah Mulkey. The Mulkeys arrived in Pleasant Hill in 1871. I.N. (pictured) brought the skills of farming and blacksmithing and made a good income from them. But as he continued to study the Scriptures, he longed to use his life teaching. He had the opportunity at Bethel in 1898. There he preached and tended his 6.5 acre garden. One of their sons became an Oregon State Senator. His brother, A. H. Mulkey preached at Coquille.

The emerging Hebron Church met from about 1860 until 1880. John Rigdon, Abott Levi Todd, Isaac Newton Mulkey, and Rufus Callison were on the roster of illustrious preachers that worked with the group.

In a letter dated December 2, 1877:

We organized a congregation some eighteen months since with a membership of 16; we now number 31. . . . We meet twice a month at a school house . . . . Bro. I. N. Mulkey has visited us once a month since last April.

[edit] 1880s

Swander places the origin of the Trent church as 1882. However, it was started earlier because historian Jerry Rushford quotes this 1881 letter from D.W. Bridges of Trent:

Brothers Philip Mulkey and I. N. Mulkey commenced a meeting at Lost Valley school house, near this place, on Friday evening, May 20th, continuing until the following Wednesday evening. The immediate result being ten additions to the church (at Trent); nine by baptism, and one (Sister Ida Panter) reclaimed. Surely we have good reasons to rejoice, and, indeed, we have been made to rejoice to see so many bow to the will of heaven while in their youth.

Brother I. N. Mulkey has been filling his monthly appointments at the place of said meeting for about two years, and he is now permitted, at least in part, to enjoy the fruits of his efficient labors. Truly some prophets have honor and success in their own country. - [Quoted from Christians on the Oregon Trail by Jerry Rushford, 2nd edition, page 339. Published by College Press.]

The Mabel congregation had a gospel meeting with I. N. Mulkey in January of 1889 and nine were added.

[edit] 1890s

A report in the Christian Standard of 1890 says, "I. N. Mulkey has been baptizing a number at Coburg lately." In the August issue, it was reported that I. N. Mulkey organized the church.

He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery along with his wife.

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