Tingle's Tower

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                                Tingle's Tower

Owner - Tingle Location - Ice Town Residence Block What does this place have? - Here in TT we have a snack bar in the kitchen a storm trooper in honor of the guild Empire . we have Tingle's Backyard and a camp fire so u can sit and tell storys at night . 2nd floor is tingle's bird cage,his bed, a toilet O_o , and his shower ( wich pwns ) , he also has a dance floor up there, also the entrance to his areana. he has a mini game room explained later

                             Tingle's Tower Areana

In the areana Tingle must be there to start a competition if for fun Tingle doesn't need to be there
Competitions - in a competition the prize is 10,000 kc (kirby coins) the last one standing wins , in a competition tingle will send u to either blue island red island green island bean bean kindom lava place or graveyard and then u must stand on that little shelter in em ( the islands do not have a shelter just stand on the colored leaf )
Rules - No guns aloud cuase if u use gun in an areana it will say cnnot attack member in safe zone , Food and spells are aloud
Stuff added to make this areana speacial - In here there will be warps wich are the grey things, the 2 airplanes connect, WATCH OUT! lava can kill u! , u can actuly read the graves! ( yea tingle was bored and added the graves have words :P ) , u can hop on the lily pads
Secrets - There are secrets in the game here are what they are but i am not telling where they are! 1) A Heal Spot , 2) A secret warp

                              Tingle's Tower Mini Games

Rules - well the rules are simple to the games but make sure to talk to the adminastrators in game!
Prize Box - u should see these 2 boxes they are shops to gain your prizes of the tickets u gain from the mini games!
Mini games / Rules / Prizes -
Cucoo Wranglers / Kill 20 Cuccos and get there tickets! / Cucoo Plush Toy ( Shield )
Mini Game comming soon hint: this game is a mini game from Timesplitters 2! and i see an X O_o
Qusts in Mini Games - None avalible

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