Luigiman's Arcade

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[edit] History

This arcade was previously owned by Zack34 until he was banned. He made a progress of two games and two prizes.

[edit] The Arcade Today

Luigiman aquired the arcade form Legend and it is open. Currently there are 2 arcade games both are functional. You will find a clone of a member, banana joe, walking around the arcade. He says "im a clone of banana joe, dont tell him!". You will also find an NPC version of Zach34 walking around the arcade. When you talk to him he says, "Luigiman is my master. I will obey him." There is yet another NPC, Will. He says stupid online jibberish when you talk to him.

[edit] Game Descriptions

These are the new games that have replaced Zach34's old games.

Koopa Fields- fight the token koopas to get tickets!

Mt. Arcade- beat Gar and run through the opening before Gar respawns again, don't forget your tickets!

Arcade Maze- get through the invisible wall to get the tickets, don't get lost!

Survive or Die!- get through the path to the end, make sure you do it quickly or the enemies will respawn!

[edit] Prizes

The ones made by Zach34 have been abandoned, so I suggest you keep them if you are lucky enough to have one.

Gameboy Advance- Needs a game inside... man...

Wii-Mote- A wepon of low power, what'ja excpect? Its a Wii-Mote.

PS3- Hmmm... maybe I should play it...

Pendant of I can't afford stuff!- For all of you who need something to wear.

[edit] Location

North of Shop Road, in the Trade Grounds. Once you are inside the Trade Grounds take a right, and go into what looks like a circle of logs. Now you are there!

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