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[edit] Plot Summary

The game's setting is a far future Pop Star, where Kirby has gone missing. Soon after Kirby's disappearance, the nightmare monsters began to attack, but this time being lead by a group known only as Shade. Soon a legendary Star warrior named Legend came to Pop Star with many fragments of dark matter to help fight. Soon, a group of Knuckle Joe's that had not become evil fought alongside them.

Months after the battles began, something completely unexpected happened. Shade was suddenly and completely eliminated. A last message appeared which stated that the true fight hadn't begun and that Shade couldn't stop the mystery person.

Later on, Dark Matter was discovered to be the one who was actually destroying Pop-star. Legend, along with the others, continues to fight and protect Cappy Town (which is now run by Waddle Dee's because the Cappies have left). This, along with a few other towns still remain, and the fight is still raging.

The story is dynamic and the course of events changes based on the actions of players.

[edit] Game-play

A new player joining KDW will be given the option to choose between one of three classes. These classes are:

Star Fighter- Kirby is one of these. Star fighters can fly.

Goo- One of the good pieces of Dark Matter. They, like star fighters, can fly.

Knuckle Joe- The strongest class. The only class that can climb steep cliffs.

The game opens in what is known as the "Hang-Out", possibly the most familiar area in the game, and is a safe area for new players to learn the rules. This area has some waddle dee's for easy experience. However, they are not a threat unless attacked.

North of the Hangout is the Cappy Town Square, the central area of the game and a place which acts as a "hub", connecting the areas of the game together.

Cappy Town, which the square is the center of, has most of the things the average player needs. It has an inn, an arena, drug dealers, and various shops to name a few.

Players can level up, get items, battle and talk to friends, and even build themselves pirating empires. These, along with the quests featured, are the most popular activities. Events also happen on a daily basis, and are largely unpredictable.

A good option for new users is to interact with other players, with whom they can talk and find help. For a new player, the best course of action is to level up, get money, and find stronger items. Many items are hidden along the game, as well as available for purchase from the game's shops for the in-game currency, the Kirby coin.

One of the newer and more popular features of the game is the ability to own property. Players can do anything they want with their houses, which range from 1/3rd screen apartment rooms to large houses. In addition to being a safe place for recovery and a good gathering point for friends, houses can function as clubs for the owner's guild.

The activities here aren't the only ones available. As of now, there are dozens of areas to explore. The game's universe is so large, it's quite possible to become lost.

One good feature of the game is that they can change the way it personally looks to them. By editing their graphics folder, they can create a unique look for their client. This feature is so popular that is spawned a "custom" forum on the official message board, where players can download features (graphics, music, etc.) added by users.

[edit] Game Creators

Details the top 6 (possably 7?) game creators, from highest rank to lowest.


Game leader. He pretty much does everything in the game because he is so efficient at multitasking. He isn't always there though, so don't rely too heavily on him. He is a great person, even if he doesn't think straight sometimes.


2nd in command of game. He made the area Duck-land and seems to have an unhealthy obsession with ducks. He is probably the most influential person on the entire game.


3rd in command of game. He's a huge participant in the games beginning. Now he barely (if ever) comes on.

Dr. Killjoy:

4th in command of game. Designs games of his own and has helped Legend with projects before. Most known as the Dancing Banana of KDW.


5th in command of game. Replacing former creator, Vile, until he returns because his computer is having problems.


6th in command of game. He is pretty much liked by everyone and is cool, calm and collected.


Rumor has surfaced that there was yet another creator of the game. Now we have a name. So who is this? We don't know yet. Well lets rephrase that. The creators (except Trix) know who this is.

[edit] KDW Guilds

Here are some of the most well known guilds that are active on KDW. Here you can also find some info over each one of them, and just some little facts about them.


At first only for Legend, this guild is just showing what Legend is. A Legendary star warrior. Months after the game came out however the guild was releaced to the public for any one to join. They even had many diffrent bases along with the great fox, S.S. Legendary, and many other places. The Star Fox Team, and Pirates are a part of this guild.

Luigi Club:

One of the most well known, and growing guilds in the game. Almost any one who is everybody is a member of this guild. It started out as a not so well known guild with a base in the park. Soon after every one started joining, and this guild took members from many other guilds forceing the others to close there guilds. This guild is still running strong. It was made by Luigi.


A newer guild by Irby. This guild is yet another Mario based guild that comes from Paper Mario the 1000 year door. This guild isn't a rappid growing guild like the Luigi Club, but it is getting to be more well known.


A popular guild that has over populared the Luigi Club. created by the metroid loving SBKT. OldMan93 was it's second member.

Koopa Klub :

Not the most well known guild in KDW, but it is one of the ones out there to pick from.

T3h Command Centre:

This guild is one of the newer ones to KDW. Not many members of this guld can be found around KDW, and we are not really sure who started it in the first place.

Antarctic expedition Team:

Not much known about this guild yet, but the name shows that it has some thing to do with the arctic area of KDW.

[edit] Miscellaneous Features

In KDW there are many hidden features, commonly known as Easter Eggs. Some of the main hidden features are:

The Great Fox:

A direct reference to the Star Fox game series. Its style was the Star Fox Adventures style, and on the first days went though many diffrent attacks from Star Wolf.

The Great Fox now is part of the guild Legenday, but has seen little use recently.

It was used as the escape from a flood sometime in September 2006. Rufus was on top of Duck Mountain when this occured. Being the dork he is, he "jumped" off the mountain, grabbed onto the Great Fox ladder and was "pulled in" by Legend. Rufus was then the Hologram communication guy who contacted the people at KDW Radio.

Twilight Town:

Not official, but there is evidence that this is being made. A remake of Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts 2.

Traverse Town:

Another Kingdom Hearts reference. Yuffie, kairi, Riku, and even heartless have been found in game! Soon later it was announced that Rufus has been working on this project for some time.

What is known is that you can get Key Blades from this area, fight heartless, and explore the 3-d world from Kingdom Hearts remade in 2D.


This is a large wooden boat, and a loose reference to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Camp Kirby:

This area of KDW appeared soon after the sign ups for Nintendo's Camp Hyrule opened. This area is still open, and is a nod to the Nintendo event.

Pirate Island:

This island only existed for a day it was modelled after the battle island from POTC. It isn't known why it was deleted

Hillside Town:

The town is a very loose reference to the survival horror game Silent Hill. In a further nod to the series, a bar named Neely's Bar and a park named Rosewater Park have been created. Dr. Killjoy, who created all of these, is a fan of the Silent Hill series and named them for places from his favorite SH game, Silent Hill 2.

Chaos Emeralds:

One of the first quests in game was christened the Chaos Emerald Quest. A player could collect 7 gems, then find the hidden area to unlock one of the game's most powerful weapons, the Master Emerald Blade. Legend, the creator of the quest, is a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Masque Castle:

The idea poped up about a castle being made based on the Masque of the Red Death. This is a story by Allen Egger Poe where a Prince locked him self up along with 1000 guest in a castle for 6 months to excape death. This is a well known story, and sence it is. It is posable this area will be made, if not all ready made.


At the start of the game the team "Grave" showed up. The leader was "ForteGS" which is a character from Rockman.EXE other words known as Megaman Battle Network. The team came from one of Legend's web pages known as "Cyber Net" which was a Megaman site with a RPG. This team appeared a few times, but has vanished. It appears the team was at first set up, but was taken over by ForteGS just as he had done on Cyber Net.

[edit] Other Famous Locations

Hang Out:

The most well known area in the game(Because, of course, you start out here). You can expect to find that a lot of people spend their time here to talk with their friends or just hang out, or, this WOULD be the case if it hasn't been modified so much.

Cappy Town Square:

The second most well known area of the game. Most administrators idle here when there is nothing better to do.

Water Park:

Probably the most visited tourist attraction. It's very under-used even considering this.


Conceived by the genius mind of Heytherejake, this Race-track is really great. It's music suits perfectly, and it's quite fun to go along with 4 people. Betting is closed to this, as it's a chldren's game and therefore does not permit gambling.

Kirby Dream World RADIO:

Not much is known, besides it has a flashy entrance, and is found right of Cappy Town. At last mark, the Kirby O Games owned the most part of it.

Cresketh Base:

A base based on the idea conceived by another Sub-genius named SBKT, who is currently removed from the game for having a fight about if anyone actually lied to him or not, this place is a member's only area. Tours are given by SBKT or The Kirby O Games. Just ask upon joining when a Moderator or higher comes to be taken to one of these two. You only get one shot. They endorsing checking out other guild bases too, such as Luigi Club or Antarctic Expedition Team.

Paintball Arena:

This is Trix's Project. He made this in hopes of making a working paintball thing on the game. The main arena features 5 maps laid in a row. There are up to 3 teams. to begin, there are paintballs, and some enemies to train with in locations such as the locker room. You get to this through Sky Way.

Rodent Town:

Inspired by Weird Alwith "Weasel Stomping Day", it is more of a Mini-game. It's still under-development and is open to all but certain people to work on((Shinyertu59 is the only recorded one who cannot work on it)), who are mapper and up. It will be a mini-game soon hosted on a regular basis with whoever smooshes the most Rodents wins up to 1,000,000 Kirby Coins, given by the host.

Puzzle Chambers:

A puzzle series that is over 40 rooms in length. Through-out this players get many different prizes. This is one of the most well known puzzles in the whole game. It is found in duck land. This puzzle is infamous for changing people's entire identities, and is very frustrating if you're under level 100.


This is an area where people have BEGGED to get into. This area is often joked about, and many people are sent here after cursing, vandalizing, or other misdeeds. It's probably as fun as the hang-out, only for criminals on the game.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kirby's Dream world first started out as a forum rpg which was fully text based. Shortly after, however, the fan game "Super Mario's World" came out, and that was where the idea to make KDW a standard MMO came from.
  • Neely's Bar was originally only intended to be a small building in hillside town, but soon after it appeared though out the game. Once it had grown large enough, it was renamed Neely's Inc.
  • Camp Kirby was planned to be a massive event, but after a short time open was closed for an unknown reason.
  • Tac was in the original version of the game. However, the sprite was cut off and was discontinued later.
  • Mini Meta Copy was the first Meta Knight to be featured in the game. The reasion it was called this was that its sprite was smaller than it should be, and it didn't really look like Meta Knight.
  • Most versions of the game are denoted by whole numbers. However, there were a few decimal versions such as 3.5 and 4.9.
  • The character Legend was based off of the white Kirby in "Kirby's Air Ride" after the KDW Creater unlocked the dragoon. He then built a story line up from there on out. In fact he even beat the game "Kirby and the amazing mirrior" useing Legend.
  • Myth was origionally going to be in KDW. Myth was the second Legendary star warrior which Legend's cousin came up with. Myth was a blue kirby that just like Legend could trun into a full armored Meta Knight like Star Warrior.
  • Giyas was invited by Rufus. He was put into the game but Rufus decided to keep on useing his normal characters instead of his Legendary Star Warrior. Giyas is green, and only talked about in a book at Ice Town.
  • Giyas was invented when Legend needed a few more character names for the last few colored kirbies in Amazing Mirror to come up with Legend's story line. He then asked Rufus, and Giyas was born! Giyas is a green colored star warrior.
  • Rufus' name was modeled after Rufus Shinra from FF7. His theme song is Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony and Tifa's Tavern is in Duckland.
  • The hang out spot known as the "Smash Club" was named after the "Full House" club that Jessie buys.
  • The first entrence to the battle grounds had water to your left, and right as soon as you walked in. It also had a sidewalk going up with two splits leading to signs. One of which said "Rufus is the best, Legend is a pest. -Rufus :P". This sign text was by Rufus, but was set up by Legend. This area was deleted a few weeks later after Rufus went on a vacaction to Disney World.
  • There are many people who make alternate versions for this game. However, because of unknown reasons, they are not to be put on public release because of worries that you might be logged or recieve Virii.
  • There are actually 4 versions of the Hang-out! Only one is used.
  • At first all admins had a pink name. A week later the creators of the game switched to gold.
  • The hotel was at first the only places you could buy houses. Soon after the hotel was made it was deleted by an admin gone mad. Months later the resident areas opend up where you could make/buy your own house in game.
  • The first pic made for KDW was a 3-d Kirby Sprite. This sprite was only used in the text based version however. This sprite did later appear in a version of KDW but was rejected after the first week it was used.

[edit] Links

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[edit] Notes

Kirby's Dream World is a fan made game based on Nintendo's Kirby. We do not clame any credit for Kirby or any other releated characters. This game will never be sold, it is 100% to play, and we give all credit for any Nintendo related character such as Kirby to Nintendo. If this is ever to be requested to be shut down by Nintendo or Hal we will do so and respect Nintendo's discision. Template:Kirby's Dream World

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