Ice Town

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[edit] Basic Info

  • A Town full of ice and snow.

[edit] Attractions

  • There's a cave on the eastern side of it, the underused ice arena, the shops, and of course the awesome Ice Town Housing District.

[edit] Directions

  • From Cappy Town Square, head east 1, then up till you reach a lake. enter the nearby6 cave, then follow that north till you reach the town.
  • Alternately, in Seaside Fields there is a shortcut in some "hot springs" you can take. You need the Air Tank to pass through the shortcut, however.

[edit] Recent Happenings

  • Spike, Ice Town's mayor, some people have noticed there are two. One is suspected to be an evil Ninja from Mizuho, the other is supposed to be Alia(sp?)'s real father.
  • A new housing district centre has opened up in this area!
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