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Watch as the story of five young samurai unfolds amidst the backdrop of Rokugan's often twisted political and military landscape. =-=

[edit] The Importance of Society: Those they have met along the road

Agasha Tankoyamiriku - A traditionalist bushi of the Agasha family, trained at the Shiba school. He is a cousin of Isawa Kiyoko, though only distantly related. Currently suffering from embarrassment in court following his defeat by the recently gempukku'd warrior, Toku Mitsuhide.
Bayushi Siba - A courtier and artist from the Bayushi family, currently living in Crane lands with her husband, Asahina Shiro.
Moto Iuzigami - A bushi of the Moto family, Iuzigami has been Hisoka's friend since childhood, and the two are very close.
Otomo Kei - Hisoka's older brother and head of their sub-family of the Otomo. Wed to Hida Mishimi.
Otomo Sasuke - Hisoka's younger brother, a shugenja assigned to the Imperial court and betrothed to Toku Hanabi.
Tamori Subaru - A close friend and confidante of Toku Mitsuhide and the fiance of Isawa Kiyoko, Tamori is a skilled shugenja who prefers sequestered experimentation to social interaction.
Toritaka Renai - (Deceased) the fiance of Otomo Hisoka was, herself, a skillful warrior and ghost hunter.
Toritaka Sadao - A fierce and powerful warrior of the Hida school, brother of the deceased ghost hunter Toritaka Renai, and blames her fiance for her death.

[edit] The Importance of Ancestry: Those that have come before

Akodo Atsubaru - A fierce warrior of the Akodo family, who fought alongside the Hida family to protect the Wall. Ancestor of Akodo Tsuna.
Isawa Jo-rikuu - Jo-Rikuu was a powerful shugenja of the Isawa family, and rose high in the esteem of the Imperial court. Ancestor of Isawa Kiyoko.
Mitsuhide - A valiant ronin warrior who fought at the Battle of Beiden Pass and later joined the newly-formed Toku family. Ancestor of Toku Mitsuhide.
Otomo Miroku - A famous general of the Otomo family who died in battle saving the life of his close friend, Moto Gumi. The two families have been close ever since. Ancestor of Otomo Hisoka.
Shosuro Kamigawa - A warrior and shugenja of the Shosuro family, known for his skill as a duelist. Executed for blood magic, a crime for which his family was absolved by Imperial decree. Ancestor of Toku Mitsuhide, on his mother's side.
Toku Onigiri - A sword-saint and warrior of the Toku family. Sensei of Toku Mitsuhide. Comitted seppuku to cleanse himself of dishonor after allowing Mitsuhide's brother to die in a skirmish with ronin bandits.

[edit] The Road Itself

Story I: Amehara, Jirou Province - Bushi brawl in the streets!!! Yukiko sent to make peace!!!

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