Safety Patrol

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The Safety Patrol is an organization in X Middle School that acts as police, solving crimes, upholding rules and protect those who need protecting. Their headquarters is located in the school and is equipt with desks, computers, telephones, interrigation rooms and a criminal holding area. The Safety Patrol Headquarters is also the annex for the Glee Club.



The members of the Safety Patrol have certain authority over the other students and sometimes over the teachers. They also have the ability to leave grounds (with permission) to visit people outside school who they believe may have a connenction to a crime.


The Safety Patrol has many resources at its disposal including access to the schools mainframe, access to club minutes and member profiles, access to extremely quick broadband. The main features are the containment room where all the criminals are held before they are picked up by their parents or by Principal Folsom, the interrigation room is fixed with a two way mirror in a soundproof chamber where Vallejo usually observes important discussions with suspects.

Jr Commissioner

Like the chief of police, the Jr Commissioner is responsible for the actions of the members of the Safety Patrollers, they have the ability to dismiss and recruit new members and give them certain authority over certain cases. Vallejo is the current Jr Commissioner of the Safety Patrol.

Known Members

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