Lords of the Broken Tower

From Familia Niveum


NPCs / World

Your Imperator

Nashira, The Blind Gazer, The Bearer of Good News, The Grim Celebrant, Lady of Windows, The Infinite, Philosophy, Sacrifice, Memorials, Executions, and most lately Trains

Your Chancel

Locus Nashira, consisting in The Broken Tower, Necropolis, The University of Reason, The Great Catacombs, a large Faery Wood, and a physical incarnation of the Veil of Death itself

Your NPC Frater Caelestia

Lewis Brokenbough, Trains' Regal, The Conductor


Character Template

Ari Rosenberg, Power of Philosophy

Gavroche of the Graves

Kholashi, Duke of Windows and Marquis of Sacrifices

John Wallis, Power of Infinity

Daniel Kilpatrick, Execution's Pawn

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