Daniel Kilpatrick

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Execution's Pawn

Daniel Kilpatrick

My initial impression of Daniel was one of severity tinged with sadness. His presence has a weight to it that lowers voices and makes laughter more nervous. That night, he was wearing a black suit that wouldn't have looked out of place at a dinner party. He keeps a neatly trimmed goatee, and his dark eyes are shadowed. -- Almuth Koch, Chancel Resident


Personal Code

Daniel follows the Code of the Light.

  1. Humanity must live, and live forever
  2. What must be done ought be done cleanly
  3. Humans must be protected, particularly from themselves


Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 3 (Inhuman)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 0 (Pawn)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 1 (Radiant)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 4 (Conflagration)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points


Gifts are unique special abilities possessed by the Noble.

Grave Sight

Any death leaves marks -- upon the world, upon the tangle of history, and most importantly, on the souls of those involved in the death. Daniel can see those soul-markings: if someone is in his presence, he can know the particulars of every death they have been involved with: the circumstances immediately surrounding the death and the thoughts of those involved.

This power can not be used on other Nobles, or within the Auctoritas of any but a Spirit 0 Noble.

(Greater Divination of Death (6 pts), Penetration 0, Simple Miracle (-1), One Target Only (-2), A limited selection of applications (-2), Rare (+1): 2 pts)

Hierarchical Revelation

Daniel's Estate is wrapped up in mechanisms of justice: without some kind of legal process, an execution is mere revenge. As such, he has an instinctive sense for human hierarchies: by glancing at an individual, he can tell who the mortal reports to, who reports to the mortal, and the approximate degree of power that the mortal has.

(Lesser Divination of Hierarchy (2 pts), Penetration 1 (+1), Automatic (+1), One Target Only (-2), A limited selection of applications (-2), Rare (+1): 1pt)


Restrictions are much like limits, but less universally problematic; they grant extra miracle points only when they become a major problem.

Respectful (Cannot kill the Innocent)

A restriction of Realm (+1 RMP when appropriate)

Daniel will not kill someone who he reasonably believes to be innocent of any major wrongdoing -- to do otherwise would be untrue to his Estate and his convictions.


A restriction of Spirit (+1 SMP when appropriate)

Daniel does not lie, though he may simply refuse to answer questions.

Revelatory Trait: Eyes

No bonus MP (Imperator-granted restriction)

Daniels irises are black (not dark brown, but black) flecked with gold. If you look closely at his eyes, you can see distorted reflections of executions taking place round the world. To one who looks closely, this is obviously inhuman, marking Daniel as a Noble, and giving a clue as to his Estate.


  • The Sanctity of Executions: 4
  • His success at preventing or punishing unjust Executions: 8
  • London, his hometown: 2
  • The Chancel and its people: 2
  • His grandfather's gold pocketwatch: 2
  • His reputation for never showing hotblooded anger or being flustered: 2


Daniel is reserved and solemn, with a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life cloaking a fierce idealism that he shutters behind a restrained exterior. His humor is subtle and dry to the point of nonexistence. He is protective of those around him, and doggedly hostile to his enemies.


Daniel is Irish by ancestry and self-definition, despite the fact that his family has lived for seven generations in London, and, aside from his surname, he is indistinguishable from an Englishman. From that first great-great-great-great grandfather who who came to London down the paternal line to Daniel, every one of the London Kilpatrick men has been executed under false pretenses. Daniel's grandfather was one of the last men executed (after being falsely convicted of multiple murder) before the United Kingdoms outlawed capital punishment. Daniel's father was executed by the IRA terrorists that he worked for, who incorrectly believed that he was snitching on them.

(Recent history reserved until we figure out something about the Chancel).


Seamus Jephson

This is the man who ordered the death of Daniel's father. Seamus was a bigshot in the IRA terrorist movement in the 70's, and who maintained a lot of political power in the less violent era of the last few decades. Daniel, needless to say, hates Seamus.

Though Daniel can potentially have up to 5 Anchors, he has thus far not found other people he wants to Anchor.

Goals and Motivations

(Anything not implied above is pending more group discussion)

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