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Jake R

Hi! I've got nothing much to say about myself, other than being a Dutch male hetero bunny aged (time since 1st of August 1986). I started the MAT, a.k.a. Music Association Topic, and am one of the very few bunnies actually trying to 'win' LPW and LPL.


My avatar changes to whatever I like, usually non-animated. The only 'me' character, or character I identify with is a Tiger/Lion hybrid which is neither a Liger or a Tigon, but more of a tiger with manes. Currently the only correct drawing of it is Dasteroad's gift, which can be found here. vampiress_kat has once done a series of plushies: I was also featured, and while correct, it's not really my avatar but merely a plushie of it. Still, it is awesome and after a long time as ava on the Keenspot forums currently in use as my DA avatar.


The above is the only correct way of writing my nickname: any dashes, underscores, dots or lack of spaces etc. are due to either limitations or the preferred spelling having been taken by someone else. Second choice is an underscore instead of the space, then a dot or a dash. If longer nicks are required, a G can be added after the R, making it "Jake R G"; unless the 'no spaces' limitation is in order in which case the same counts as with my normal nickname.

Pronunciation of "Jake" should be obvious to nearly everybody around the world due to it being a well known first name, the R should be pronounced somewhat as the English word "are". But if you're talking to me, just "Jake" will do fine. While it isn't really my name (*GASP! REALLY?* yeah, really) I will respond to it even in real life.

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