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Gear joined Digibutter on 26 May 2007. His cousin was the real one that started the account and just used Gear's email for fun. The real Gear later adopted the account after falling in love with the RP section. He is the 194th member to join. He remained a neutral member until he was black mailed into doing unforgivable things. This includes acting like Rookie (spamming everything with "Be more original, please" and being an ass), flamming members, and acting like a retard. He later had slight amnesia making him forget the site and other personal stuff, but Bridget convinced him to join again. Now, he is a normal user who enjoys acting like a perv/retard/spammer/ on the Off Topic Role Play. Well, he used to be, until he was ben'd by Francis.


Mandew and Gear are both extremely powerful


Gear, now, was benned by Francis, due to a little rant about his age being 9. However, this is easily proven false.


  • Gear is not the real Gear that signed up
  • Has flirted with almost all active girls (This includes Nastasia, Mona, Piccolo the Pixl, Francine, Paper Peach, and much more)
  • Is a pancake supporter
  • Doesn't like emos/goths/noobs
  • Is Hispanic/Spanish
  • Best friends are MALAK, Piccolo the Pixl, and Hario.
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