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"Hey, I'm here for the party next door." - CBLuigi

CBLuigi is a member of digibutter.nerr. He is widely known for throwing PIEs, and saying PIE in all caps only.
CBLuigi's current sprite of himself. Small comparison at the bottom.



Crazy Bout News (Currently on indefinate hiatus, though planned to come back soon. Keep an eye on this one, folks.)

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The Relationship Guy


He is also known for being the leader of the PIE Empire, where his name is PIEthrower (a pun on Flamethrower). Currently, there are two other members in the PIE Empire; Chaos Dimentio (second in command), and Zelnor (Mechanics expert), who invented the infamous PIE Launcher.

Past Names



Adrian Andrews


It's been known that Yellow Magikoopa is considered by CBLuigi as his best friend. Even though they don't hang out much, in the end, they're always doing the worm. Beat that.

Currently: doing their favorite hobby; dividing by zero.

For whatever reason, CBL considers Orangesoda his friend. They chat on MSN Messenger a lot.

CrazySoda FTW.

Pure-??? and CBLuigi and also friendliness. They're currently working on a project that only few know of. You'll see the page for it later.

Much, much later. Or possibly not at all. <_< >_>

TotalSpaceshipGuy3 and CBLuigi have been friends ever since TotalSpaceshipGuy3 for an AIM account. Their thing most in common is... squirrels. Yeah. That's it. Squirrels. WE LEAD THE SQUIRREL SQUAD. <3

Fun Facts

  • He has Animal Crossing: Wild World. ADD HIM!

Code: 1418-2817-5161

Name: Brian

Town: Qwerty

Make sure to contact me if you add me.

  • He likes the band Animal Collective.
    • Especially their song, "The Purple Bottle".
  • His favorite Pokemon is a tie bewteen Bulbasaur and Treecko.
    • Not to mention Gardevoir.
  • He gots a LiveJournal.
  • He's a lazy ass. Troo fax.
  • There are at least 3 different digibutter-related projects he's never finished.
    • Digibutter War (Super Mario War)
    • Some digibutter comic.
    • Digi-story (Cave Story)

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CBLuigi's Profile

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