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[edit] Nazi Mod

Amanda is the Nazi Mod.
Amanda is your fuhrer and you will like it. She regularly eats puppies and babies for breakfast, as she says they go good with her nuclear coffee and are nutritious and chewy. Please keep in mind that 'babies' happen to be anyone under the age of eighteen, because she is a crotchety old woman in her massive lifespan of twenty-three years. Regularly dyes her hair shades of candy-pink and lime green. And announces it for all to see. Is particularly fond of her main character, Dante. Probably resembles him in attitude at times more than she should, but tough titty. The milk's still good, after all. Likes jellybeans. And little shiny hairclips. Is the most anal retentive, no doubt, of the mods when it comes to how things look in the userinfos and wikis. Pierced. Will soon be tattooed as well.
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