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Jay's new CAMPAIGN!!!

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Hey guys its sean, I really dont' know what i am doing on this page, but Jay sent us this link so i figured that i would try and make something out of it. I really like this campaign and the fact that i get to be a continuing memeber in it, so i would love if we really tried to do some pretty cool things with it. i know we have the emails going down but i also thought this could serve as a discussion board for more paltry things that don't necessarily fill up our inboxes. stuff like deeper char description, ideas of how to go further, quests that the characters can up with themselves- like ideas that they have that may be different from their own personal quests and things that Jay gives us. An example might be, say we want to start an underground fighting ring to try and start a gambling rign and skim off the profits, thats a pretty crazy example i know but i think it would be cool to do more then just the "go into a dungeons, kill shit, get look and more story" this time.

so i dont know if this page will work, but i have to try. lets see what we can do.

keep it real,


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