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Hey Guys,

Just as you, I am getting ready for what I call the 'ULTIMATE' campaign. To get started place your characters under the title 'New Characters'. I don't know your character's names right now or I'd set it up for you. Heres how to do it:

1) Click the edit tab at the top

2) Follow the format for Oliver Green, including the double brackets.

3) Click Save Page at the bottom, Return to the normal page and follow the link.

4) Enter your character and your build

Come back often, check out the other pc's. If you click the Discussion tab you can make comments or notes on what your fellow PC's have done. Also I will be updating often so check it out and if there is any blank spots in the wiki feel free to fill them in, this includes spelling mistakes. (Darren)

Dm_ Bert

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[edit] Algonquin Characters

This is a little section where, if you like, you can post up your Algonquin characters.

Kimberly "Boom Boom" Hugebelly

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