Kimberly "Boom Boom" Hugebelly

From Davenrathh

Kimberly is a fat stout, stupid, strong, male, dwarf. He was named Kimberly because his drunken father lost a bet, and was forced to give his son a human girl name. Quickly though the family began to adress him by "boom boom" by the amount of poop he could produce in one day, which his mother reffered to "having a boom boom". As a boy Boom Boom was only good at 3 things: Eating, Fighting and taking more hits then anyone thought possible. Though he had the mental capicty of a door frame he was able to understand a few things: The fatter he was, the less it hurt to get hit. The more he ate, and the more he fought he would become stronger and harder to beat. And he loved fighting. His father actually let Boom Boom drop out of school to spend his days on the streets fist fighting with people for money, and over time he was able to bring in more money then the rest of his family combined.

Being too dumb to do anything else he has set out into the world to fight everything he can. If something looks like it would be good to fight, Boom Boom will fight it. He is dumb, loves shiney things, pretty women of any race, and though is quick to fight anyone he never has hard feelings afterwards. a good fight is a good fight, whether he wins or not.

He has heard of the great beer of purple worm and of its almost deadly effects. One day he wants to come face to face with a Pitcher of deadly brew... and drink it all.

Here are his stats (i would also like to point out steve is an architect of d&d:


Str-18 Dex-12 Con-22 Int-6 Wis-12 Char-8


Willing deformity Willing deformity (obese) Dodge Exotic Armor Proficiency Phalanx fighting


Dwarven WarAxe - 1d10x3+4 Tower shield - +4 AC/+1 Dex AC Battle Plate - +9 Ac/+ 1 Dex Ac - and Ring of protection, Amulet of natural Armor, and Braces of Armor

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