Fein Carnesir

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(played by Jason) Nereus Sueren was raised in Southern Aberdon by the Court mages, who found him washed up on their beach when he was a mere four years old. When it became clear he had no magical aptitude (despite his intelligence), they invested their efforts in training him in the ways of the sword. Nereus was an excellent student, equally proficient in mathematics and philosophy as combat and tactics. When he wasn't studying , he spent his time at the town docks, going whaling with the half-orc fishermen in their Ckayaks.

When Nereus was fourteen, his master, Cavar Travys, was murdered, along with several other members of the Court Mage Old Guard (those mages who survived Cromwell's purge and rejoined the order). The mysterious death of so many respected mages, who had ruled the city quite fiarly, put people in an uproar. The remaining mages determined that the town wasn't safe for Nereus, and made arrangements to have him smuggled out of the city to the orphanage in Dalton.

Unfortunately for Nereus, the mages had made the arrangements for his departure with the Black Shanks, a rather unscrupulous thieves guild. For their services, Nereus owes, and owes plenty. He has spent the last four years of his life at the orphanage doing odd jobs for the Shanks, working to pay off his debt.

Nereus Sueren: Desires: Settle his debt with the thieves guild. Find out his origins Find out who murdered his master, and the other Old guard of the town. Adventure, and find the true meaning in life.

Politics: Nereus is largely unconcerned with political matters. So long as people in need are given what they require, the manuvers of nobles (such as his patrons, the Court mages) are of little use to him.

Interests: As a youth at the Court Mage compound, Nereus learned to swim, and subsequently, to boat. He enjoys reading books of poetry and heroism, and won't back down from the challenge of a game of Pok'ir. Despite his calm demeanor, he relishes a good fight that allows him to demonstrate his unusual fencing style- an attitude that has gotten him into trouble more than once.

Quick Sketch: The years spent on the beaches of the Phoenixgate compound have tanned Nereus a dark brown, which looks lighter than it is because of his shoulder-length black hair, which Fein never ties back. When travelling for any length of time, Nereus wears a faded green robe of Court Mage design over his armour and weapons. Around his neck Fein wears what looks like a rough pearl, and a tatoo of a wave (a momento of his days boating) decorates his inner left bicep.

Other notes: Nereus's full name is a palindrome, it reads the same written backwards. Master Cavar Travys was fond of word games and puzzles, and thus gave him such a name. Nereus often suffers from nightmares. He has not confided their content to anyone

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