Your oldeR brother

From Create Your Own Story

"Hey, do you have those Geo-..." The moment he walked in your room, you hid under your covers but the room smells of musk and your hard cock is obviously visible under the sheets. Your brother smirks and looks at his watch.

"Hey look little bro, we still got plenty of time before the bus gets here".

"Time for what"?

"What do you think"?

"But your straight, you have a girlfriend"!

"Who hasn't let me fuck her in a while. Come on, I've seen you checking me out when you think I'm not looking. You want this".

You blush deeply realizing that he is right. You watch as he slowly strips in front of you. When he gets to his boxers, your eyes nearly pop out of their sockets at the sight of his flaccid member. When he pulls them down you stare even hader at the massive slab of meat before you. You knew he was big, but not that big! Standing naked in your room is the brother that you have had fantasies about as far back as you can remember.

Do you:

Take it up the ass?

Get on your knees for him?

Try to bail

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