Get on your knees for him?

From Create Your Own Story

"I've always wondered what it would look like to have your lips around my dick".

You take as a compliment and kneel in front of him with one hand around your hardon and another around his. You slowly lick up the shaft, but stop to relish the taste of his head as his pre starts to flow. He groans at the sensation of his brother licking his cocktip. You slowly allow his dick into your mouth, while jacking off like a maniac. You have fantasized about this for so long. The salty taste, the musky smell, and suddenly, the hand on the back of your head forcing you down even further. You gag as he pushes at the entrance to your throat. You let go of his shaft and start focusing both hands on your dick. Asphyxiation is one of your biggest fetishes. He doesn't pull back until he successfully sticks the head of his penis into your throat. You instinctively start to swallow, which is the only invitation your brother need to grab your head with both hands and to pull down as hard as possible while ramming his hips forward. Somehow he buries all of his penis into you before you freak. Up until now, you could still breathe through your nose somewhat. But when he forced himself all the way in, you lost all chance of oxygen. You pound on his hips as he pounds his hips into your face. He is in heaven as he humps you, moaning and groaning, you know his orgasm is approaching. He thrusts one more time before pulling out. You immediately collapse and start coughing. You're not angry, however, as your cock nearly came as you were suffocated. This is why you obey him when he tells you to lie face up on your bed. He climbs above you in a pushup position, before lowering his dick into your waiting mouth. This time there is no foreplay, and he just rams his hips into your face. The bed creaks and groans as your head is rocked up and down, up and down, as if you were nothing more than a sex toy to him. His thrusts get more and more violent until you are sure he wants to kill you.

"Ugh, Fuck yeah...hhmm...god yes...choke on it bitch. Choke on my dick you fucking waste of breath."

He thrusts harder at every word and you do start to choke. Your hands are too busy trying to get you off then to try to get him off you. Your hips are bucking a little less insanely than his are. Your lungs are burning and your vision is swimming, but you have never felt better. You are suffocating on another man's cock. That fact is enough to get you close.

"Gonna cum Bitch"!

He thrust one last time before holding his cock down your throat. He is like you in that his orgasm is much longer than normal. You need to breathe, but you never actually try to survive, you just submit to your brother's desieres like a good bitch. You try to breathe on instinct around his still pulsing cock, and as his seed flows in to your lungs, you cum as well. Your body is squirming beneath him as you let lose enough cum to drown someone yourself. *Go to sleep* is the last thing you hear since your brother has a snuff fetish apparently. Your last thought is wondering if he planned this when he saw you naked. The last thing you feel is your orgasm ending while his marches on.


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