Your body is now brown, smooth, and watertight, like that of an otter.

From Create Your Own Story

Suddenly, one of the many humanoid animals strolls over to you. He is a polar bear that seems to tower over you, although, since you are laying on the ground, you aren't really sure how tall he actually is.

"Still feeling a little dizzy?" the polar bear asks, reaching a hand out towards you to help lift you off the ground. His voice is rough, like an older man who had smoked for many years.

"A little..." you say in a soft voice. You just stare at the bear's outstretched hand, a little reluctant to grab it. However, after a few moments you decide to reach your own hand out and grasp his.

"There you go," he says, lifting you up to your feet.

"Th-thanks," you mumble.

"I'm sure you have plenty of questions; ask away," he says in a friendly voice.

You think for a minute, trying to decide on the most pressing question.

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