"Where is this place?"

From Create Your Own Story

"We're not really sure," says the bear, "but we just call it 'The Zoo'. Kind of fitting, since we are all basically animals in giant cages."

"Hasn't anyone ever tried to escape?" you ask.

"I've only ever heard of one guy ever escaping, and he was found and sent back here three days later. Now he is constantly in cuffs and shackles," says the bear.

You look at the fence that surrounds you. There is a ten foot tall wall made of concrete, and above the concrete is what looks like a wire fence that is about another eight feet tall. You can't imagine yourself being able to climb over the fence. Actually, you can't imagine anything being able to climb over the fence.

"Wondering how he got out?" asks the bear with a small chuckle. He must have noticed you staring at the gate.

"How is that even possible...?" you start to ask. "Wait, what kind of animal is he?"

"An eagle," answers the bear.

"Aww man, why couldn't I have turned into something useful like a bird?" you ask yourself.

"It's not like he could just easily fly, though," explains the bear. "He spent months practicing his flying techniques. And since he is basically a human shaped bird, his wings could only take him up so far. He had to reach the wire fence and climb up from there."

The more questions you ask, the more confusing things get.

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